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Q: Name the two different 'lifts' in weight lifting?
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The name Kunjarani Devi is associated with?

weight lifting

Another name for negatives in weight lifting is?


What is a weight-lifting equipment called?

There's a lot of weight lifting equipment. Straps, belts, wrist wraps to name a few.

With which sport is the name Kunjarani Devi is associated?

Weight Lifting

What is the name of the piece of equipment that fastens the weights to the bar in weight lifting?

A dumbbell...

Name a hobby you associate with macho men?

Hunting, off roading, weight lifting, ect ect

Where can I find information about weight lifting workouts which can be done at home?

There definately are sites for that, and here are a couple just to name some.

Which bird lifts things on a building site?

A crane is the name of a bird as well as a machine that lifts things on a buildng site.

Are lifting shorts cheap or expensive?

As many type of clothes, you can find cheap or expensive lifting shorts. Depending on manufacturers and brands, the price can varies. For example, a Nike brand and a no name brand have a big different on prices.

Which bird has a name that lifts things on building site?


What name is the RAF Helicopter which lifts 12 tones?

The Chinook

What is the name of the machine which lifts cars in garages?

A Hoist or a lift.