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There are currently seven football clubs in the Scottish Football League that begin with the letter "A": # Aberdeen FC # Airdrie United FC # Albion Rovers FC # Alloa Athletic FC # Annan Athletic FC # Arbroath FC # Ayr United FC See the rest here:

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and dont know the rest

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Q: Name the six teams in the Scottish League with the letter F in their name?
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Which 7 teams in the English and Scottish league have buldings in their name?

I've got six:Aston VILLACrystal PALACECowDENbeathFalKIRK (a 'kirk' being the Old Scottish name for a church)NewCASTLE UnitedStenHOUSEmuir

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the scotts

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St Johnstone

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Aston Villa Charlton Athletic Liverpool Northampton Town York City (no longer in the football league)

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udinese (ITALY) uruwa red diamonds (JAPAN) uxbridge united (NON-LEAGUE)

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What is the name of a 7 letter scottish river?


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