Name the player who scored 5 goals in his first NHL game?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Don Murdoch NY Rangers

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Q: Name the player who scored 5 goals in his first NHL game?
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How many players have scored 5 goals in a football match?

1 player has and he plays for Manchester united and his name is berbtov. He scored 5 goals in a match against blackburn.

Who scored a goal for the opposition and then scored for his own football team These were the only goals he scored for his team Can you name the player and the team he played for?

Hutchinson (LW) For Coventry

In 1958 a player scored 13 goals at the tournerment please name him?

Just Fontaine for France.

Which player has scored highest number of goals in his career?

Actually, it's a she. And her name is abby wombeck

Name four player who have played in English premiership and have scored goals in worldcup final?

The only player who has scored in the World Cup final and played for a team in the English Premier League is Manuel Petit, he played for Arsenal and scored in the 1998 final.

Name the Brazilian player that scored 2 goals in the 2002 world cup final?

Ronaldo, was the Brazilian Player, who scored the two goals in the 2002 FIFA World Cup final; 67th minute and 79th minute.It was Ronaldo's second FIFA World Cup victory (the first was in 1994), he finished the Top Scorer of the 2002 FIFA World Cup with 8.

Name the Brazilian player who scored the ever best world cup goals in the 1970 world cup final?

It is the great Pele.

Is12 the most scored goals in the world cup?

no its 13, and they were scored by a frenchman by the name of Just_Fontaine

Name five player who has scored thirty premier league goals in one season?

Alan shearer/c.roaldo/fowler/v.nistelroy/cole

What is the name of the Brazilian player who scored one of the best ever world cup goals in the 1970 world cup final?

Carlos Alberto.

What player whose second name begins with e has scored most goals in premier league?

It is Alan Shearer.For Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United.

What is a hat trick scored in one period of a hockey game called?

There is no different name for a hat trick if it is scored in a single period. However, if during the course of a game one player scores 3 goals in a row without any other players scoring a goal during that span it is called a "natural hat trick."