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Japan national sport is Sumo Wrestling

Australia national sport is Cricket, although this is not official. Australia has no official national sport.

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Q: Name the national sports what countries Japan Australia?
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What is Japan national sport?

Japan's National Sports is Sumo Wrestling.

What is the most popular sports played in Australia and japan?

In Australia, cricket. In Japan, karate.

When was National Federation of Australia Japan Societies created?

National Federation of Australia Japan Societies was created in 1975.

Which of the following countries is the national capital Tokyo Japan Alice springs Australia or Rio DeGenero Brazil?

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan.

What countries does japan export to?


National sports of japan?

it is sumo Riesling

What is Japan's national sports?

baseball and karate

What is the national sports of japan?

i think it is soccer but im not sure because soccer is the most popular in most foreign countries

What countries are aluminum exported to from Australia?


What are some similarities and differences between Australia and Japan?

Some similarities between Australia and Japan is that they are both democratic countries. Supposedly, they were both penal colonies; Australia from Britain and Japan from China...

What countries are not competing at Olympics?

Australia, Russia, Japan,

In which countries is Wii Sports sold?

All countries except for Japan and South Korea.

What countries are ruled by a democracy?

taiwan, australia, japan, korea......

How are Japan and Australia alike?

They are both islands and democratic countries

What are the countries of the temperate zone?

australia , japan and new zealad

What 3 largest countries are near Japan?

China, Russia, Australia

What countries does australia export uranium to?

Australia sells uranium strictly for the purpose of generating power. It sells to countries such as Japan, China and Taiwan.

What countries buy uranium from Australia?

Probably USA, Japan and South Korea.

Which countries were enemies of the US during WW2?

japan, australia, colombia, argentina

What countries have democracy?

Australia, England, Canada, US, China, India, Japan.

What countries does the Zaire River flow through?

china australia bali japan

What countries were involved in the Battle of the Coral Sea?

The United States, Australia and Japan

What countries did the beatles tour in?

USA, Australia, Japan, Scotland, New Zealand.

Two countries other then England the Beatles toured?

The U.S.A., Japan, Australia.

What countries do pine trees grow in?

iran turkey irak japan australia