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usc ucla cal state fullerton uci San Diego state

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Q: Name the five top baseball colleges in southern California?
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What is the name of a sea in California?

The Salton Sea is in southern California.

What colleges and universities are there in California?

Some of the following colleges and universities exist in California: Academy of Art University, University of California, California State University San Francisco, to name a few.

Who had the name USC first Southern California or South Carolina?

Southern cal

What is the name of the plate boundary that separates northern California from southern California?


What is the name of the sea in southern California?

The Salton Sea.

What is the name of the desert in California US?

Southern California is home to part of the Sonoran and Mojave Deserts. Even areas that are not "desert' are relatively dry in the southern half of California.

How many hours does it take to get to Mississippi from southern California?

To answer this question I need the name of the city of California.

What is the name of the country that borders California?

Mexico is on California's southern border. The Mexican state of Baja California is across the border from California.

What is the team name of baseball in California?


What is the name of California's tectonic plates?

The Southern part of California is on the Pacific plate and the Northern part of California is on the North American plate.

What is the name of the Southern California valley with only 4 letters?

Simi, CA

What are the top acting colleges in the world?

Boston University, California Institute of Art, and Juilliard to name a few.

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