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Army, Navy, Air Force, Boston College, and Wake Forest

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Q: Name the division 1 teams that do not have university in the name?
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What is the name of the Purdue University sports teams?


What is the name of the University of Oklahoma's sports teams?

The Sooners

Name two teams in the Northeast Division of the National Hockey?

Buffalo and Montreal

What is the team name of sports at the University of Dayton?

The teams at the University of Dayton are known as the Flyers.

What is the name of Yale's sports teams?

The sports teams from Yale University are called Yale Bulldogs.

Which ncaa football teams don't have university in their name?

Ball State

What Division 1A teams reference a color in their official mascot name?

Syracuse orange

What is the name of the West Virginia university team?

The Mountaineers are the names of the teams from West Virginia University.

What division football is University of Arizona?

NCAA's Division I-A in the Pacific-12 Conference in Arizona. The name of the University of Arizona are called the "Arizona Wildcats".

What Division 1 college does not use university in their name?

Division 1 college football is one of the largest in the country. The Division 1 schools that do not have university in their name are MIT, Georgia Tech, Boston College, Army, Navy, and Air Force.

What college teams start with the letter c?

Cornell Big Red is the name of the sport teams at Cornell University.

What is the name and mascot of the University of Louisville athletic teams?

The name of the mascot of the University of Louisville athletic teams is Captain Bird. Captain Bird is a large red bird, with a yellow beak, and an angry-looking facial expression.

How many university sports teams use the name huskies?

There are four: University of Connetticuit University of Washington Northeastern University Saint Cloud State University

Where did the state of Illinois get its name?

It was named after the Illinois River, which got its name from the Illinois Indians. The nick name of the Illinois University athletic teams is the Fighting Illini.

Which teams have always been in the top division in English football?

Arsenal have never been relegated from top division under the name of Arsenal F.C

How did the movie crimson tide get its name?

The ship name is USS Alabama.The University of Alabama's athletic teams are known as the Crimson Tide.

What is the name of the DePauw University football team in Greencastle IN?

The nickname of DePauw University teams is the Tigers and their mascot is Tyler the Tiger.

What ncaa division 1 teams have a name that is singular?

Bucknell Bison Stanford Cardinal North Dakota Bison

What is the name of the Uconn college football team?

The University of Connecticut's athletic teams are known as the Huskies.

Name 5 ncaa division one football teams named tigers?

Louisiana State University Tigers Auburn Tigers (this one gets fun because LSU and Auburn are in the same conference) Clemson Tigers University of Missouri Tigers University of the Pacific Pacific Tigers (not division 1A) The fifth team is the Memphis Tigers.

What type of sports teams does the UConn Huskies have?

UConn Huskies is the common name of the University of Connecticut. This University has many sports teams including football and basketball. UConn also has men's and women's hockey teams, golf, and Lacrosse teams.

Where are the Oklahoma Sooners from?

Oklahoma Sooners is the name of the teams at the University of Oklahoma. There are 19 varsity sports teams. The university of Oklahoma came 3rd in the best college sports program in 2002.

Is integer division another name for integer division?

It looks to be the same name.

What was the name for the University of Oregon teams before they were known as the Ducks?

Until the 1940's, they were known as the Webfoots.

What is the name of the Captain of the teams name?