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The players who have been recruited by the AFL from West Adelaide Football Club are; Mick Mickan (1986, pre-draft selection to Brisbane Bears), Grantley Fielke (#8 1986 to Collingwood), Clayton Lamb (#13 1986 to Hawthorn), Kieran Sporn (#22 1986 to Essendon), Robin McKinnon (#52 1986 to Hawthorn), Peter Winter (#63 1986 to Fitzroy), Darren Bartsch (#52 1988 to West Coast Eagles), Damien Murray (#80 1989 to North Melbourne), Brook Fogden (#41 1992 to Adelaide), Andrew Kemp (#104 1992 to Hawthorn), Michael Gooden (#116 1992 to Adelaide), Lachlan Ross (#28 1992 pre-season draft to Essendon), Chris Palmer (#47 1993 to Hawthorn), Matt Hopkins (#48 1993 to Carlton), Matthew Nicks (#21 1994 to Sydney), Tyson Edwards (#21 1991 pre-season draft to Adelaide), Darren Wheildon (#15 1995 to Essendon), Scott Welsh (#17 1995 to Kangaroos), Glenn Kilpatrick (#39 1995 to Geelong), Adam Ansell (#54 1995 to Hawthorn), Greg Dempsey (#76 1996 to Adelaide), Nathan Eagleton (1996 zone selection to Port Adelaide), Nathan Brown (#66 1997 to Melbourne), Ben Marsh (elevated to Adelaide's senior list 1998), Peter Walsh (elevated to Melbourne's senior list 1998), Balraj Singh (#79 1999 to Adelaide), Dean Howard (elevated to Adelaide's senior list 1999), Adam Richardson (#12 2000 pre-season draft to Adelaide), Byron Schammer (#13 2002 to Fremantle), Luke Jericho (#32 2002 to Adelaide), Wade Champion (#57 2002 to Port Adelaide), Ben Rutten (elevated to Adelaide's senior list 2002), Adam Cooney (#1 2003 to Western Bulldogs), Beau Waters (#11 2003 to West Coast), Tim Schmidt (#29 2003 to Sydney), Sam Fisher (#55 2003 to St Kilda), Shane Tuck (#73 2003 to Richmond), Jordan Russell (#9 2004 to Carlton), Cameron Wood (#18 2004 to Brisbane), Sean Rusling (#23 2004 to Collingwood), Adam Hartlett (#25 2004 to Carlton), Henry Slattery (#46 2004 to Essendon), Stephen Tiller (#54 2004 to Western Bulldogs), Jason Porplyzia (#9 2006 pre-season draft to Adelaide), Leonard Clark (#22 2007 rookie draft to Brisbane), Chris Schmidt (#34 2006 to Brisbane), Hamish Hartlett (#4 2008 to Port Adelaide), Ryhs Stanley (#47 2008 to St Kilda), Tyson Slattery (#67 2008 to Essendon) and Matthew Martin (#49 2009 rookie draft to Port Adelaide).

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Q: Name the AFL Players drafted from West Adelaide Football Club?
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