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Rugby union and rugby league.

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Q: Name the 2 forms of rugby played in England?
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How did the name rugby come up?

From Rugby School in England, where the game was played.

Where does the name rugby come from?

Rugby was first played in its current, standardised form by William Webb Ellis at Rugby School in Rugby, Warwickshire, England, in 1823. Hence, rugby got it's name from the school where it was first played.

Can you name brothers who have played rugby union for England?

Tony and Rory Underwood

What is the England rugby team name?

England - has no formal nickname

What is the name of the english national rugby team?

The don't have a name its just The England Rugby Union Team

What sport is usually played in England?

* Soccer * Rugby * Darts * Crew * Tennis * Boxing * Badmitton just to name a few.

Where did rugby get its name?

From 'Rugby School' where it was invented and first played.

Is rugby called football in England?

No. Rugby is refered to as Rugby or Rugby Football. The latter being the name of the game in its earliest years when the Rugby game was derived from football (soccer)

What is the name of England's national rugby stadium?


Does England have a rugby team name?

NO. They have not created one

How rugby got its name?

The name is associated with the Town of Rugby(England) where Rugby School is located and where it is claimed that 15 year old Web-ellis picked up the ball and ran with it.

England's rugby captain Carling first name?

Will Carling

Is rugby a toponym?

Yes the name for the sport rugby came from the place (Rugby School) where the sport was first played

How did rugby get its name?

Rugby was created from association football in a town called Rugby. the game was thus, and still is, referred to as Rugby football. Over time, the capital was dropped to a lowercase as the meaning was was invented at a school called rugby in Englandit was invented at a school called rugby in England

Where did they get the name rugby from?

Rugby is the name of the town where William Webb Ellis (the founder of the sport) was at School in 1823. The Rugby school at the time was a private male only school and still is one although it now mixed gender. Rugby is located in Warwickshire England

What is the name of the Rugby cup that England and Ireland contest for each year?

England and Ireland compete for the Millenium Trophy

What is English rugby team name?

England RUFC. Or the Red Roses. Or the whites.

Where does rugby come from?

while playing football in 1823, Webb Ellis 'caught the ball in his arms… and on catching the ball, instead of retiring backwards, rushed forwards with the ball in his hands towards the opposite goal'. The name Rugby is directly taken from the town of Rugby and the School in which the game was first developed in Warwickshire. England.Rugby was the name of the school in Warwickshire, England where the game originated in 1864.

How did rugby gets its name?

Rugby was named after the place, in England, where William Webb Ellis first picked up a football(soccer ball) and ran with it.

Are robots allowed to play rugby in England?

No, unfortunately from my own experience, i know that robots, by law, are not allowed to play rugby in England. I have benn playing rugby for 10 years and yesterday i was informed that due to me being a robot, i am no longer allowed to play. My name is Ben Stollery

How did rugby union and rugby league come to be?

Rugby came to be when William Webb Ellis picked up a soccer ball and ran with it at an England School (at Rugby school in Rugby, warwickshire, hence the name) therefore the rugby union world cup named after the founder William webb Ellis. Rugby league was formed from rugby union

What was rugby named after?

It was named after the Town and school that the game was first created when web Ellis picked up the ball and ran with it. Rugby, Warwickshire, England

How was rugby made?

When a kid named Webb Ellis picked up a football and started playing with his hands, this happened in the town of Rugby (England) which has given name to the sport.

What is the name of the international rugby team currently touring New Zealand?

As of Thursday June 12, 2008: the All blacks play England in Auckland this Saturday; they Played Ireland in Wellington last Saturday.

Name of sixteen year old debut argentinean rugby player who knocked out England player?