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The boundries of tennis are, in singles play, the inner court line. In doubles play, the boundries are the outer line. The line that someone serves behind is the base line.

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Q: Name tennis court boundaries
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A tennis Court.:S

How did the tennis court oath get its name?

the oath was made in a tennis court

What is the name given a place where tennis is played?

Tennis Court

What is the name for a tennis court employee?


Where does table tennis get its name?

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What is the name for the right hand side of the Tennis Court?

If you are standing on the baseline and looking at the net, the right-hand side of the tennis court is called the deuce side.

What is the name of the line at the back of the court of tennis called?

The Base Line. :)

Can the paddle touch the court in table tennis?

The correct name for a table tennis paddle is a table tennis racket. Yes, it is OK for the racket to touch the table.

What is the official name of tennis?

The official name for tennis is 'tennis'. The official name for tennis is 'tennis'.

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What are the companies that specialize in tennis court repair?

The FDC (Fast-Dry Courts) seems to be the best in tennis court constuction and repairs. To reach them, use the contact tab on thier website. There are445 companies that specialize in tennis court repair in the United States. If you go to the website, you can browse by company name or by location.

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