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Bowling ball

Bowling shoes

Bowling bag

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Q: Name something you need if you want to go bowling?
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Something you need if you want to go bowling?

a ball, shoes, and your money.

What is a good name for a bowling alley?

A good name for a bowling alley is Pinnicle.Here is a good name for a bowling alley: Thunder stike bowling. I mean come on, who wouldn`t want to visit a place called that. I'd love to.

Name something you need when you bowling?

it depends if your bowling for fun theyll have everything you need at your local bowling allyif your bowling for competition you might want to consider buying a bowling ball (straight ball instead of a ball with hook if you are a beginner). and if you know you will bowl alot and in a lot of tournaments and leagues you might want to buy your own set of bowling shoes.the only other thing you would need would be a towel for your ball or balls, ball cleaner, and rosin (stuff you put on your hands to get better grip).hope that helps-Smart-most things you need are at the alley already like shoes and a ball but i recomend getting your own shoes because the shoes there are constantly being used. (you can also bring a rag or powder but you don't really need it)

Deffirence between want and need?

Need is something that is essential for your living. Want is something you dont need

What do you need to put in a video name?

you need to find something related to your video that is eye catching something to make you want to see the video. if you message me with what the video is about i will give you a name.

What is the difference in a need and a want in clothing?

A want is something you could do with. A need is something you cannot do without.

What does it mean when men say they need you instead of 'want' you?

to want and to need is two different thing to want something is you will died if you don't get it but to need something this is something that is not really important.

What is the difference between want and need?

A need is something you have to have, and want is something you like to have but don't require to survive.

How is need different from want?

need is something you have to have to live

How do you distinguish between a want and a need?

if you want something you do not need it to live if you need something you use it to live like you need oxygen but you do not need to play a video game.

Why might you want to wear bowling shoes in the White House?

Why might you want to wear bowling shoes in the White House?

How much does it cost to go bowling for eleven people?

It depends where you want to go bowling.

Your parents are not divorced but you want to spend time with them what should you do?

ask them and say "mom and dad lets go bowling" or something like that!!! :)

A good YouTube name?

If you want to make a good youtube name you need something that is really unique try not and do youtube name that have loads of letter EG. 1o1xjeniferx146. Youtube name like that are hard to remember you want something that is catchy, but easy to remember.some good youtube name:- iwatchthis- somethingkrazey- snoops

Why do you want to buy something from a shop?

Need or desire.

What is the meaning of want?

Something that your body does not need to survive.

What do you need to become a bodybuilder?

It has to be something that you truly want to do.

What is the definition of needs?

The word "Need" means that you need something. For example, you need a light because there is no light in the master bedroom. But if you want something, that is "want". For example, you want a television and you have one already. You just want one for your master bedroom.

Where is the contraction want to derived from?

'Wanna' is an informal contraction. It derives from the phrase 'want to', and is used to say 'want to' in a casual way. For instance, 'Do you want to go bowling?' becomes 'Do you wanna go bowling?'.

What is an email sig?

its your name you want to g0 by or a name of something that you like.

What is definition of personal priorities?

Personal priorities is something you don't need to have, though it is something that will make you happy or something that you just want to have not need.

How do you say I have a cat?

i don't have a cat If you want to know how to say something in another language, you need to put the name of the language in your question.

What is the difference between a want and a need?

A want is something that you desire to have whether or not it is good for you.I want ice creamI want drugsI want to shoot somethingA need is something you require to fulfill a purpose (usually one that is demeaned worthy) and not necessarily desirable.I need more vitamin CI need to have an operationI need to be restrained.

What is the definition of want?

The word want means that there is a need or desire to have or do something specific. It can also mean that someone is wishing for something.

When are the caches useful?

When you are in short supply of something you need. Or when you want something quickly and you know where to get it.