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The name was Nicholas II Romanov.

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Q: Name of the Russian ruler Nicholas II during World War 1?
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Who was the Russian ruler that was executed in World War 1 by revolutionaries?

Tsar Nicholas IITzar Nicholas IIczar nicholas IITsar Nicholas (plus his family).

Russian ruler during world war1 exectued by revoltuionsaries?

Czar Nicholas, along with his wife, Alexandria, their children and some household workers.

What was nicholas II in the russian revolution?

the ruler of Russia

Who was the Russian leader during 1906?

Tsar Nicholas Romanov II was the Russian ruler in 1906 and continued as such until he abdicated the throne in March 1917.

What was nicholas II role in the Russian revolution?

the ruler of russia

Who was the Russian ruler during World War 2?

Josef Stalin.

What was the Russian ruler during World War 1 executed by revoltionaries in 1917?

Czar Nicholas II, also known as Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov. He was abdicated in March of 1917

Who was the Russian ruler assassinated in 1917?

No Russian ruler was assassinated in 1917, Tsar Nicholas II and his family were shot and killed by Bolsheviks a year later on July 17 1918AnswerCzar Nicholas II

Who was the Russian ruler during World War 1 who was executed by the revolutionaries in 1918?

Nickolas Romanov II was that ruler.

Russian ruler during world war 1 executed by revolutionaries in1917?

The ruler of Russia during World War 1 was Tsar Nicholas II. He was Russia's last Emperor and, along with the rest of the royal family and even their servants, was executed by communist revolutionaries on July 17, 1918.

What is an example of a czar?

Tsar Nicholas II, The Last Ruler of the Russian Empire

What was the Russian ruler during world war 1 executed by revolutionaries in 1917?

Tsar Nickolas Romanov aka Nicholas II of Russia ( was abdicated in 1917 but not actually killed until 1918)

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