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From the High School Musical 2 Soundtrack, its called I Don't Dance

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Q: Name of song that goes like this hey swing batter batter swing?
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Why is it Kennedy swing batter?

It's actually "Can he hit" but sounds like Kennedy

When Pitch hits you after you swing and miss?

Batter is charged with a strike, ball is dead (like a time out). No runner can advance.

Batter squares to bunt and doesnt swing?

a bunt is not a swing unless the plain of the plate is broken ... and or the batter dose not pull back the bat when the pitch is made ...Answer:I understand this question asking, "What happens if a batter squares to bunt but pulls back on the pitch?" --- if this is the situation, then when the batter pulls back the bunt the pitch would be called a ball or strike just like any other pitch. If he does not pull the bat back before the ball crosses the plate then it is a strike, much like a missed swing

Why was the pitch named the rise ball invented for softball use?

The rise ball is a very useful pitch in softball. A good rise ball begins looking like a strike so the batter will swing at it. However, by the time the ball reaches the batter, is it higher than it was when it first started out. The causes the batter to swing in miss since upward adjustments with a softball swing are very hard to make.

Which song goes let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and mars?

Its an old Swing classic - Fly Me To the Moon

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I believe the the "KL" ... is for "Strikeout..Looking.." meaning the batter did not swing..and the "KS" symbol would therefore mean...Strikeout...Swinging..the batter took a swing...yet missed.

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The swing went back and forth like a pendulum.The swing soared into the sky like a bird

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If it's on your porch, porch swing. If a regular swing then it's called, a swing couch.

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You should swing it like an iron because normally its not used on a tee, if you swing it like a drive on a fareway then you are going to miss the ball.

A batter is in the batters box the pitcher throws and the batter hits the ball into his foot and the ball goes foul but what is the call?

its a dead ball and a strike, but not strike 3, just like a foul.

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I like the swing. <3333333333

The name of the song that goes like this you can have whatever you like?

U Can Have it All - JRDN