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Tony Greig was essentially South African & Mike Denness was Scottish. I assume you mean captains of England who were not English, as such.... I would like the list of players irespective of nationality,that have captained England

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Q: Name of non England born cricket captains?
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Name the south African born captains of the English cricket team -there have been 4 in total?

These are the south African born captains of England . Tony Greig, Allan Lamb, Greame Hick and Kevin Pieterson. Graeme Hick was not born in South Africa. And Pieterson is spelt Pietersen The current captain of England, Andrew Strauss is SA born

When cricket Born?

This one also based on cricket. English men invented it. Cricket born in England.

How does you play cricket for England?

you have to have a blood relation or be born in England

Where is cricket clothing made?

Cricket is my favorite game. Cricket game is born in England.

Which player in the current England cricket team was born in England?

Andrew Symonds

Who has captained the test cricket team who was not born in England?

nasseer hussain he was born in India

Cricket is which countries national game?

Cricket is not the national game of any country. While it is immensely popular in countries like India, Pakistan, Australia, and England, none officially designate it as their national game. India's national game is field hockey.

Cricketer born in India and played for England?

Nasser Hussain is the cricketer born in madras 23rd march 1968 in India And Playes cricket for England.

In which country was ex-England cricket captain Tony Greig born in?

South Africa

When is Joseph Dennis's birthday?

Joseph Dennis is the name of a well known cricket player from the 1700s. He was born in Nottingham, England and his birthday is in December of 1778. He died in Nottingham on November 16, 1831

Why Sachin is called the God of Cricket?

Simply b'coz Sachin,by name defines Cricket..This game was born for him & every1 irrespective of geographical boundaries who know cricket knows Sachin ..

What is the religion of nasir hussain(England cricket team captain)?

He was born in in India in madras . Nasir Hussain is muslim by religion.