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It could be Peter Beardsley.

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Q: Name footballers who played for both sheffield united sheffield Wednesday and England?
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How many sheffield Wednesday players have played for sheffield united?


Which teams played at Hillsborough?

Sheffield Wednesday.

Which sheffield football team has played the most top flight games?

Sheffield United have played the most top flight games than sheffield Wednesday but Sheffield Wednesday has not be in the premier league for quite a while... did you know more than 70% of sheffield Wednesday's big game are in the Fa cup

Who are the players who have played for sheffield Wednesday and sheffield united football clubs?

Derek Geary

Which footballers have played in Germany England Spain and Italy?

Pierre Womé Kluivert. Henry. Davids. Guiseppe Rossi Laurent Blanc Bogarde... ac, barca, chelsea sissoko...valencia, liverpool, juventus kovacecic... sheffield wednesday, real sociedad, juventus, lazio

Who was the Italian who played for sheffield Wednesday and Bradford city?

Benito Carbone

Why did sheffield Wednesday get its name?

They were originally a cricket club, and they were named after the day on which they played their matches.

What team did Rick Savage play soccer for?

Sav played for Sheffield United even though his favorite team was and still is...Sheffield Wednesday.

Has nigel pearson played in the premier league?

Nigel Pearson played in the Premier League when he played for Sheffield Wednesday and Middlesbrough.

Why is sheffield Wednesday called sheffield Wednesday?

The Wednesday, as they were at first called, originated in Sheffield and began life as the Wedensday Cricket Club - Wednesday being the day they met to play cricket, because that was the day that the craftsmen who were members of the club worked for half the day only. They began playing football as a means to keeping fit outside the cricket season and presumably found that they were rather good at it because they began competing in the game as the Wednesday Football Club, eventually changing their name to the Sheffield Wednesday Football Club in 1929.

Footballers who have played for England and in every English division?

Steve Bulll of Wolves played as a sub for England and Div 1 - 4 with Wolves

What is a famous person with the first name O'niel?

O Neill Donaldson played football for Sheffield Wednesday during the 1990s

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