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100 meter dash, 200 meter dash, 400 meter dash, 800 meter run, and the 1500 meter run.

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Q: Name five track events
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What are the five main sports in the Olympics?

track events, swimming/diving, cycling, gymnastics and field events

How many events in a pentathlon?

Five events; five field and track events normally consisting of the 200-meter, 1,500-meter runs, the long jump, and the discus and javelin throws.

What track and field competition involves athletes competing in five events?


When did women start track and field?

The 1928 summer Olympic Games was the first time the sport of track and field offered events for women. There were five events available to women participants.

In track and field witch competiton involves athjletes compeitng in five events?


Name five track and field officials?

Marksman, starter, timekeeper, track judge, field judge.

Name the horseracing track in the british isles to have all five vowels in its name?


How many events in a pentatholon?

Five events.

Is track and field like cross country?

Track and field is only like cross country in that they both involve running. While cross country involves a long, continuous run, usually off of any track, track and field involves many events that different athletes specialize in. Not all of these events involve running, such as the discus throw. The longest run in a high school track meet is two miles, all of which occurs on a track, whereas a high school cross county meet is five kilometers, or 3.1 miles.

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What are the five key events that led to Indians statehood

Name five events that could initiate secondary succession?

5 events that could cause secondary succession are: A forest fire, harvesting, hurricane, tsunami, and a tornado.

Does five laps around a track equal a mile?

It depends on the circumference of the track itself, but on most tracks four laps equals a mile, not five.

Which sport was the combination of five events for the Greeks?

The sport that had a combination of five events was the pentathlon

Which sports was the combination of five events?


Which sport was the combination of five events?


What are the five key events of the crusades?


What are the five main events in a book?


What are the five best events of Madagascar?

madagascar hsnt won any events in the year 2012

What were the pentathlon?

The pentathlons is a series of events done in track and field.The triathlons is three events including, shot put, long jump, and a run, the run depending distance is age and gender. The pentathlons is a series of five events, hurdles, a jump,shot put or discus, and two runs most of the time. I hope this helps!

Who said Traumatic events can give meaning to life and allow for personal growth and what is the name of this idea?

Kubler-Ross: Five stages of adjustment

What Name five events that made up the pentathlon of the ancient Olympics?

leaping, wrestling, foot racing, discus throwing, and casting the javelin

Has Amy Acuff won any medals or awards?

Amy Acuff is an Olympic track and field athlete born July 14, 1975. Although she has competed in five different Olympic events, she has yet to win a medal.

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What is an event of five sports called?

A sport including five (5) events is called a Pentathlon.