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obstruction,kicking the ball, lifting it in the air, high stick, dangerous swing

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Q: Name five common reasons for a foul in field hockey?
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Was field hockey originally called field hockey?

No. Originally "field hockey" was not called that, as at the time of origin there was only one type of hockey with variations, played around the world. Outside of America and Canada field hockey is known by its original and formal name of hockey. It is only after the popular growth of ice hockey and roller hockey in North America that the word "field" was added to distinguish it.

Which game is associated with the name dhyanchand?

It is field hockey.

Name five common reasons for a foul in hockey?

obstruction,kicking the ball, lifting it in the air, high stick, dangerous swing

Name a sport that is played on a field?

American football, baseball, soccer, field hockey

How can you put your name on a field hockey stick?

you can write your name on or tape it one

What is the name of the field hockey stick?

It is quite simply referred to as a "hockey stick" or a "stick" by most people.

What is the name of the highest governing body in Hockey?

It depends on the type of hockey. For field hockey, it is the International Hockey Federation (FIH). For ice hockey, it is the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF)

Name one team sport played at the Olympics?

Field hockey.

Name 1 jamaican amateur player in field hockey?

qweef mcnuggets

What is the name of hocky in manipur city?

Manipur City is a town that is located in India. The name of hockey that is played there is Field Hockey. India is also well known for playing soccer, too.

What is a good field hockey stick for beginners?

I can't name the makes because there is so many but smaller one's are better for beginners that's what my field hockey coach said and the more you improve the taller your hockey stick gets but it depends on your height too glad i could help

What is the scientific name for hockey?

hockey is to cool to have a scientific name

What is the birth name of Joe Hockey?

Joe Hockey's birth name is Joseph Benedict Hockey.

Is baseball field a proper noun?

No, baseball field is a common noun. Wrigley Field is a proper noun because it is the name of a specific field.

Why would a field guide have a common name as well as a scientific name?

It is easy to remember

How popular is field hockey?

Field Hockey is reported to be the second largest team participation sport in the world after Soccer. Its popularity is growing from year to year. Field Hockey is played all over the world. It is both a womens and mens sport and mainly popular in the following countries; United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia, India, Germany, Spain, Argentina to name but a few.

Is hockey played on grass?

To put it simply: YES. "Field" hockey is played on everything; artificial turfs, grass, dirt, concrete, indoor courts, carpet; you name it, it has been done.

What is a scoop in field hockey?

A scoop is a method of flicking or raising the ball, with a motion similar to that of using a shovel (hence its name).

What is a short corner in field hockey?

it is another name for a penalty corner. it occurs when a penalty happens inside the shooting D

What was old hockey?

OLD hockey or Ice hockey is a team sport played on ice in which skaters use sticks to shoot a hard rubber hockey puck into their opponent's net to score points. In some countries, such as Canada, the United States and those of Europe like Sweden among others, it is known as "hockey"; the name "ice hockey" is used in countries where "hockey" generally refers to field hockey.

What is New Zealand's field hockey team called?

Both of New Zealand's national field hockey teams (Men and Women) are known as the Black Sticks, in a tradition continuing from the name of their men's national rugby union team and adapted for the particular sport.

Is hockey a proper noun?

No, the noun 'hockey' is a common noun, a general word for a type of sport.A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, or thing.Examples of proper nouns for the common noun 'hockey' are:International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), Zurich, Switzerland"Sports Illustrated: The Hockey Book" by Editors of Sports IllustratedNational Hockey League (NHL), Montreal, Quebec, CanadaHockey Street, Christchurch, New Zealand

What is the playing surface of ice hockey called?

If you mean in the context of "the field" or "the court" for other sports, then "the ice" would be the proper name for the playing surface in ice hockey. ^^^^ In other words, the rink.

Is hockey an adjective?

No, Hockey is the name of a sport. So it is a proper noun.

Name the various types of sport?

the various types of sports are baseball football soccer track cross country softball polo Crockett cricket basketball snowboarding skiing Field hockey golf volleyball ice hockey street hockey lacrosse