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roy keane, Steve Bruce and mark hughes.

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Q: Name ex Manchester United players who played in the premiership and went on to manage premiership teams?
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Which football club did alex Ferguson manage before Manchester United?

Which football club did alex ferguson manage before manchester united?

Could Sir Clive Woodward mange Manchester United?

no ,he will probably never ever manage Manchester united.

Who are the ex middlesbrough players to manage a premiership team?

Ince, Pearson, Robson, Laws, Southgate, Souness

Which scottishfootball did sir Alex Ferguso leave to manage Manchester United?


What team did sir alex ferguson leave to manage manchester united?


Who is Lal Hilditch?

Lal Hilditch was a player and also a manage for the football team Manchester United.

Will Newcastle United ever win the Premiership?

Yes, Alan Shearer will manage Newcastle United for a very long time period and they will eventually be very successful under his guidance. This includes winning the Premiership during the next decade.

Do Manchester United Football Team hire outsource or consulting company to manage the team?

No. They employ a man called Alex Ferguson to manage the team.

Which scottish football club did sir alex Ferguson leave to go manage Manchester united?


Who was the first manager of Manchester united in 1903?

Manchester United had two secretaries (the term manager was not used until the arrival of Jack Robson in 1914) in the calendar year 1903 - one, James West, who oversaw the financial collapse of their forerunners Newton Neath, and his successor, Ernest Mangnall, who left Manchester United to go and manage their local rivals Manchester City in 1912. As of 2011, Mangnall is the only man to manage both the red and blue sides of Manchester.

Which scottish football Club did Sir alex ferguson leave to manage manchester united?

from Aberdeen in November 1986

Which premiership clubs did Ron Atkinson Manage?

Aston Villa

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