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Bill Curry.

Curry played with the Packers in 1965 and 1966.

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Q: Name center for greenbay packers Super Bowl 1?
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Who is going to the NFL Super Bowl?

The Greenbay Packers

How won Super Bowl xLV?

The GreenBay Packers.

Who is going to win the 45th Super Bowl?

Greenbay packers

Who won the Super Bowl earlier this month?

Greenbay Packers

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greenbay packers

Which team played and won in the super bowl of 1967?

GreenBay Packers

Who was voted MVP in the 1967 Super Bowl?

Bart Starr of the Greenbay Packers

Who was the winner of the Super Bowl 1?

The greenbay packers Defeated the K.C. Chiefs

Has Greenbay Packers ever beat the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl?

No. The Packers and Broncos have met in one Super Bowl (XXXII) with the Broncos winning, 31-24.

What was the score of the second Super Bowl?

Greenbay Packers beat Oakland Raiders 33-14.

Most consecutive super bowl appearances?

Buffalo Bills (4).

Who won the 2nd Super Bowl?

Super Bowl IIThe Green Bay Packers beat the Oakland Raiders 33-14 in Super Bowl II played on January 14, 1968.