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Nick Barnaby

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Q: Name any players who have played for Manchester united and wolves?
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Who has managed Manchester United Chelsea Aston Villa and Wolves?

Tommy Docherty

What were the scores for Manchester united vs wolves on the 18 of march 2012?

5-0 united won

Did Paul Ince Played For England?

Yes Paul Ince did play for England in the 1990 world cup held in Italy. He also played for Manchester United.

What players have played for wolves and everton?

jolean lescott of the top of my head

When was Manchester united's last premier league defeat?

Wolves 2-1 Man U 5th Feb

What is Manchester United's highest winning score in a football match?

in the league it is 10-0 against wolves in 1892

What Former Syracuse players have played in the NBA?

jonny flynn;t-wolves

Which Players that have played for Aston Villa Wolves and West Bromwich?

Andy gray

Played for 5 different premiership teams?

Craig Bellamy. Wolves, Coventry, Newcastle, West Ham, Manchester City

Who played for dundee united Aston villa wolves and everton?

Andy Gray.

Whats the top ten british football hooligans?

cardiff west ham stoke chelsea manchester united celtic glasgo rangers liverpool milwall wolves

Which football team has won all four divisions?

i think wigan have mayte i think wigan have mayte