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Almost any contact sport, such as hockey, football, boxing, just for starters.

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Name a sport where players lose their teeth?


A sport where players lose teeth?


Can you lose your loose teeth in a contact sport?

You can lose you firmly fixed teeth in a contact sport

Sport where players lose teeth?

The sport that is known to have players lose teeth is hockey. When hockey was first created their were no helmets, and people were not aware of the danger of no helmets. Hockey is also known as the sport where fighting is legal until they fall to the ground and during that time you never know when somebody is going to get hit in the mouth.

What Sport do you lose most teeth in?

you lose most teeth in boxing.

What sport makes you lose your teeth?


Why do hockey players lose teeth?

if they get hit in the face with the puck say goodbye to at least 3 of your front teeth

What sport can you lose teeth?

EVERYTHING!!!!! Even tea parties can knock ur teath out

What sport can you lose your teeth in?

Rugby, hockey and ice-hockey. Jockey's also frequently have no teeth, since they're kicked out by horses.

Do dogs lose their teeth?

yes dogs do lose teeth but they only lose their milk teeth.

Why do sharks lose their teeth?

they lose there teeth just like we lose our.And they have more teeth than us so they lose more

Why are reflexes so important when playing sport?

Because if you are slow to respond to the actions of other player/players, you lose.

Do you lose your canine teeth?

Yes, you do lose your canine teeth !!!!

When dogs lose there teeth do they get new ones?

dogs do lose teeth their just like us humans we lose teeth:)

How many teeth will you lose after you have gotten your adult set of teeth?

You will lose none because that is your last set of teeth and you better not lose them.

What teeth don't you lose?

the teeth you cant lose are your wisdom teeth you have to get them pulled out by dentist surgeons

How many teeth can a child lose?

children can lose 20 teeth

Do cows lose teeth?

No. Heifers or two-year-old cows lose their teeth like human children do; they lose their baby teeth and have their adult teeth grown in.

Why do you lose your teeth?

you lose your teeth because new teeth are growing in and the new teeth push the current teeth and you have brand new healthy shiny teeth!

What is a dead duck in sport?

a dead duckis either you are about to lose the game or one of your best players get hurt and have to sit to the side....

What teeth are your children suppose to lose?

Children are suppose to lose all of their teeth. It's when they are adults, they're not suppose to lose any teeth!

When dogs lose teeth do they grow them back?

If they lose there baby teeth then they will grow them back, but if they lose there grown up teeth then they are gone forever.

Which teeth do you lose - diagram?

You are supposed to lose up to 20 teeth

Do you lose your molar teeth as a child?

yes you do lose your molar teeth as a child

How tortoise lose its teeth?

Tortoises never have any teeth to lose. They are born with horny beaks instead of teeth.