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Luis Aloma,Jack Burner,Bob Cain,Bill Conley,Charlie Cuellar,Randy Gumpert,Micky Hafner,Ken Holcombe,Howie Judson,Gus Keriazakos,Lou Kentrow,Bob Kuzava,John perkovich,Billy Pierce,Matt Rotbatt,Ray Scarborough,and Bill White

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Some of the more notable players that played with both teams are:

1) Smoky Burgess - Cubs (1949-1951), White Sox (1964-1967) - at the time of his retirement Burgess owned the MLB record, since broken, for number of career pinch hits.

2) Hi Bithorn - Cubs (1942-1946), White Sox (1947) - first Puerto Rican born player in MLB.

3) Bobby Bonds - Cubs (1981), White Sox (1978) - father of Barry Bonds.

4) Phil Cavaretta - Cubs (1934-1953), White Sox (1954-1955) - 4 time All Star

5) Goose Gossage - Cubs (1988), White Sox (1972-1976) - Hall of Famer most remembered for his time with the Yankees.

6) Clark Griffith - Cubs (1893-1900), White Sox - (1901-1902) - Hall of Famer, was manager of the 1901 White Sox who won the first American League pennant as a major league.

7) Don Larsen - Cubs (1967), White Sox (1961) - threw only perfect game in World Series history with the Yankees in 1956.

8) Sammy Sosa - Cubs (1992-2004), White Sox (1989-1991) - home run heroics now tainted by performance enhancement allegations.

9) Ron Santo - Cubs (1960-1973), White Sox (1974) - the Baseball writers probably will wait until he dies before electing him to the Hall of Fame ... a shame.

10) Hoyt Wilhelm - Cubs (1970), White Sox (1963-1968) - Hall of Famer.

Click on the 'Players Who Played for the White Sox and Cubs' link below for a listing of players who played for both teams.

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Joe Jackson

Carlton Fisk

Jim Thome

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Q: Name Chicago White Sox Players of the past?
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