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Michael Owen Liverpool, Manchester United, Real Madrid Lassana Diarra Chelsea, Arsenal, Real Madrid
jamaine pennant Arsenal, Liverpool, Real Zaragoza
Nicholas Anelka Real Madrid, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea
Bolo Zenden Liverpool, Chelsea, Barcalona
Mark hughes Manchester United, Chelsea Barcalona emmanuel petit Chelsea, Arsenal Barcelona

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2009-11-13 20:59:36
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Q: Name 7 players who have played any 2 of man united Liverpool Chelsea arsenal and the spanish team?
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7 players who have played for man utd Liverpool arsenal Chelsea and a spanish club?

Mark Hughes - Man U, Chelsea & Barcelona Nicolas Anelka - Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Real Madrid Boudewijn Zenden - Chelsea, Liverpool, Barcelona Jermaine Pennant- Arsenal, Liberpool, Real Zaragoza Emmanuel Petit - Arsenal, Chelsea, Barcelona Michael Owen - Liverpool, Man U, Real Madrid Lassana Diarra - Chelsea, Arsenal, Real Madrid

Name 7 players to have palyed for 2 English top 4 clubs and 1 spanish club?

Torres - Atletico, Chelsea, Liverpool Petit - Barcelona, Chelsea, Arsenal Hughes - Barcelona, United, Chelsea Diarra - Real Madrid, Arsenal, Chelsea Owen - Real Madrid, United, Liverpool Zenden - Barcelona, Chelsea, Liverpool Anelka - Madrid, Arsenal, Chelsea Pennant - Zaragoza, Liverpool, Aresenal

7 players played for two of premiership big four and a major spanish club?

Here's some names, but depends on what defines 'big 4' and 'major' these days: Owen - Liverpool, Madrid, Utd Petit - Chelsea, Arsenal, Barcalona Diarra- Arsenal, Chelsea, Madrid Zenden- Chelsea, Barcelona, Liverpool Anelka- Chelsea, Liverpool, Madrid Hughes- Utd, Barcelona, Chelsea others may include Pennant- Liverpool, Arsenal, Real Zaragoza Torres - Liverpool, Chelsea, Athletico Madrid Benayoun - Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Racing de Santander

What players have played for 2 top 4 English teams and a top spanish team?

Nicolas Anelka - Arsenal, Real Madrid, Liverpool (and Chelsea) Lassana Diarra - Chelsea, Arsenal, Real Madrid Mark Hughes - Manchester United, Barcelona, Chelsea Michael Owen - Liverpool, Real Madrid, Manchester United Jermaine Pennant - Arsenal, Liverpool, Real Zaragoza Emmanuel Petit - Arsenal, Barcelona, Chelsea Boudewijn Zenden - Barcelona, Chelsea, Liverpool

Which Spanish footballers have played for two top English premiership teams?

The two Spanish footballers to play in the top E.P.L. teams are Antonio Reyes for Arsenal and Fernando Torres for Liverpool and Chelsea.

Name 7 players who have played any 2 of man united Liverpool Chelsea arsenal and the spanish team and a french team?

Fernando TORRES,Xabi ALONSO,David NGOG,Albert REIRA,Alvaro ARBELOA,Pepe REINA,William GALLAS

Who are ex-spanish arsenal players?

It is Antonio Reyes.

How many spanish players have played for Liverpool through Liverpool's history?

Pepe Reina, Xavi Alonso, Reira, Fernando Torres , Luis garcia, are the Spanish players to play for Liverpool.

How many Spanish players in the premier league?

Let's count them... 1. David Silva (Manchester City) 2. Javi García Fernández (Manchester City) 3. Mikel Arteta (Arsenal) 4. Santi Cazorla (Arsenal) 5. Ignasi Miquel (Arsenal) 6. Pepe Reina (Liverpool) 7. José Enrique Sánchez Díaz (Liverpool) 8. Daniel Pacheco (Liverpool) 9. Jesús Fernández Saez (Liverpool) 10. Fernando Torres (Chelsea) 11. Juan Mata (Chelsea) 12. Oriol Romeu (Chelsea) 13. César Azpilicueta (Chelsea) 14. David de Gea (Manchester United) 15. Iván Ramis (Wigan) 16. Adrián López Rodríguez (Wigan) 17. Jordi Gómez García-Penche (Wigan) 18. Albert Crusat Domènech (Wigan) 19. José Manuel Flores Moreno (Swansea City) 20. Angel Rangel (Swansea City) 21. Andrea Orlandi (Swansea City) 22. Miguel Pérez Cuesta (Swansea City) 23. Esteban Granero (Queens Park Rangers) (Season 2012-2013)

Foreign managers in UK premiership teams?

These are the current foreign managers in the premiership. This means they are from outside the UK. Arsene Wenger (French) of Arsenal Martin Jol (Dutch) of Tottenham Rafa Benitez (Spanish) of Liverpool Sven Goran Erikkson (Swedish) of Manchester City Jose Mourinho (Portugese) of Chelsea

Who is F Torres?

He is a Spanish football player who played for Spain in the 2010 world cup he now plays for Chelsea and was signed from Liverpool for about 50 million pounds.

How do you say Chelsea in Spanish?

Chelsea in English is the same as in spanish because it is a name of a club. :)

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