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Scissors, Baseball bat, dolly, crow bar, soda can tab,

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Q: Name 5 devices that use the principles of a lever?
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When you use a lever to open a can of paint the outer rim of the can is the?


When you use a lever to open a can of paint the outer rim of the can is?


What is the pivot point of a lever?

The pivot point of a lever, also known as the fulcrum, is the point around which the lever rotates or pivots when a force is applied to one end of the lever. It is the fixed point that allows the lever to amplify force or distance. The position of the fulcrum relative to the points where the force is applied and where the load is placed determines the mechanical advantage of the lever.

What are some everyday uses of a lever?

One use of a lever is a wheelbarrow.

What tool is used to check horizontal trueness?

You Use A Lever CORRECTION: You use a LeveL, not a LeveR. LEVEL!

What is a school supply that is a lever?

Whether something is a lever depends on how you use it. The most obvious thing to use as a lever would be a ruler, but conceivably you could use a pencil in that way, and scissors are necessarily levers.

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Type III Lever

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