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Larsson Feynoord, Celtic, Barcelona, Man U

Ronaldo PSV, Real , Barcelona, Inter and AC( 5 teams)

Dean Saunders Liverpool, Benfica, Aston Villa,Notts Forest

Pierre Van Hooijdonk Celtic, Forest , Benfica , Feynoord

Michael Laudrup Juventus, Barcelona , Real Madrid , Ajax

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Ronaldo and Edgar Davids is two of them

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Q: Name 5 Strikers who have played for 4 different clubs that have won the European cup?
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What Liverpool players have played for three different clubs and won the European cup at some stage?

It is Glen Sytnk.

Who played for 3 different clubs to win the European cup?

Clarence Seedorf, who won it with Ajax, Real Madrid and Milan.

Name a current premiership striker has played for clubs in 6 different countries who have all played in the champions league or European cup?

Nicolas Anelka?

Name an Irishman Englishman Scotsman and Welshman that have played for 3 clubs from 3 different countries Those clubs at one time or other have won the European cup?

gordan ramsy

Who has won 3 European cups with different clubs?

david beckham

Name three players who have played for five different clubs which have won the European Cup?

Edgard Davids is one (Ajax, Milan, Juventus, Barcelona, Inter)

Which player has won the European cup with four different clubs?

Clarence Seedof

Name of a scotsman who has played for 3 European cup winning clubs?

paul lambert

Have any forest players played for other European cup winning clubs?


Which football player has won the European cup with 4 different clubs?

Clarence Seedorf

Which goalkeeper has won fa cup and European cup with different clubs?

van Der Saar

What Footballer played for 10 different clubs?

nicols anelka