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Colin Hendry (Blackburn Rovers)

Brian McClair (Manchester United)

Darren Fletcher (Manchester United)

Kevin Gallacher (Blackburn Rovers)

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2010-04-06 21:17:14
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Q: Name 4 scottish players with English premeirship medals?
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Which players has won more medals in English football?

It is Ryan Giggs with over 21 medals.

How many medals have Scottish athletes won in 2012 Olympics?

Scottish athletes have won 9 medals.

Which football player had a scottish English and Irish cup winners medals?

Jimmy delaney of Celtic and Man United and Siran AA.

Which player has won the most scottish league medals?

Ally McCoist is the player that has won the most Scottish League medals. Born in 1962, Ally McCoist is currently a Scottish football manager.

What Scottish footballers have won premier league medals?

The English or Scottish Premier League? Darren Fletcher of Manchester United has won two English Premier League medals. Brian McClair, also of Manchester United, won it four times. Colin Hendry won it once with Blackburn Rovers. These are the only three I can think of, there are many others who have won the old English First Division (pre-1992).

How many medals have the Scottish won in the 2012 olympicss?


Players that have won English and scottish premiership medals?

Giovanni Van Bronkhurst ( Rangers and Arsenal) Colin Hendry (Rangers and Blackburn) Henrik Larson (Celtic and Man Utd) Roy Keane (Celtic and man Utd) Chris Sutton (Celtic and Blackburn) Andrei Kanchelskis ? (Rangers and man utd)

How many Scottish footballers have Euopean Cup winners medals?

Paul Lambert

Ex Celtic players who won world cup medals?


English player to win two champions league medals with two different clubs?

There are two players Henning Berg anand damien duff. Blackburn Rovers and chelsea.

What 6 republic of Ireland players have won English premier league winners medals?

Roy Keane, John O Shea, Damien Duff, Dennis Irwin, Jeff Kenna

How many fooball players get Champions League Final Winner's medals?

All of the players on the winnig team get a winners medal

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