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The team that are playing in the 2006 Asian Cup Qualifiers all play for Australian based football teams. The world cup squad of 2006, had many playes that play abroad: '''(Player Name, Team, Country) * Mark Schwarzer - Middlesbrough [England] * Lucas Neill - Blackburn Rovers [England] * Craig Moore - Newcastle United [England] * Tim Cahill - Everton [England] * Jason Čulina - PSV [Netherlands] * Tony Popović - Al-Arabi [Qatar] * Brett Emerton - Blackburn Rovers [England] * Josip Skoko - Wigan Athletic [England] * Mark Viduka - Middlesbrough [England] * Harry Kewell - Liverpool [England] * Ante Čović - Hammarby [Sweden] * Vince Grella - Parma [Italy] * Scott Chipperfield - Basel [Switzerland] * John Aloisi - Alav�s [Spian] * Michael Beauchamp - FC N�rnberg [Germany] * �eljko Kalac - AC Milan [Italy] * Joshua Kennedy - FC N�rnberg [Germany] * Luke Wilkshire - FC Twente [Netherlands] * Mile Sterjovski - FC Basel [Switzerland] * Mark Bresciano - Palermo [Italy] * Scott MacDonald - Celtic FC [Scotland] * Danny Invincibile - Kilmarnock FC [Scotland]

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Q: Name 3 Australian soccer players who currently play overseas and list the team that they play for?
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