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NHL duh who likes the KHL?

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How many NHL players in the khl?

Trick question. You cannot be a member or both leagues. However, as of Nov 28/09 there were 33 former NHL players in the KHL.

What is Russia's Olympic hockey team roster for 2010?

This is from NHL.com NameDomestic ClubG Evgeni Nabokov(NHL)G Ilya Bryzgalov(NHL)G Semyon Varlamov(NHL)D Sergei Gonchar(NHL)D Fedor Tyutin(NHL)D Dmitry Kalinin Salavat Yulayev (KHL)D Denis Grebeshkov(NHL)D Anton Volchenkov(NHL)D Andrei Markov(NHL)D Konstantin Korneyev CSKA Moscow (KHL)D Ilya Nikulin Ak Bars Kazan (KHL)F Alex Ovechkin(NHL)F Ilya Kovalchuk(NHL)F Evgeni Malkin(NHL)F Maxim Afinogenov(NHL)F Alexander Semin(NHL)F Pavel Datsyuk(NHL)F Alexei Morozov Ak Bars Kazan (KHL)F Viktor Kozlov Salavat Yulayev (KHL)F Alexander Radulov Salavat Yulayev (KHL)F Danis Zaripov Ak Bars Kazan (KHL)F Sergei Zinoviev Salavat Yulayev (KHL)F Sergei Fedorov Metallurg (KHL)

Which month does the ice hockey finals?

Ice hockey finals of what? World Chanpionships? NHL? KHL? for most leagues in Europe including KHL it's April for World Championships it's May, for NHL it's June

When will Sergei Zubov return?

Zubov is playing in the KHL now and has no plans to return to the NHL.

When was KHL Mladost created?

KHL Mladost was created in 1946.

When was KHL Medveลกฤak created?

KHL Medveščak was created in 1961.

When was KHL Zagreb created?

KHL Zagreb was created in 1982.

When was KHL Karlovac created?

KHL Karlovac was created in 1930.

When was KHL Varaลพdin created?

KHL Varaždin was created in 1935.

When was KHL Medveลกฤak II created?

KHL Medveščak II was created in 2003.

When was KHL Junior Draft created?

KHL Junior Draft was created in 2009.

What sport is Barry Brust most known for playing?

Barry Brust is known for playing professional ice hockey. He has been a member of both the NHL and KHL.

Is Jaromir Jagr in NHL 10?

Jaromir Jagr is in NHL 10. He can't be found on his current team (Avangard Omsk) because the KHL isn't included in the game. However, he is on the roster of the Czech Republic national team, where you can play as him.

How many teams are in the KHL?


What are the uses of music in the lives of the inhabitants of Palawan?


What team does jagr play for 09 10 hockey?

Avangard Omsk, of the KHL.

What does khl mean in texting?

well... it means kool,hairy,legs noproblemo(: i knowi helped

Fastest slap shot?

Zdano Chara of the Boston Bruins. Wrong. Alexander Ryazantsev of KHL's Traktor Chelyabinsk, who slapped a puck at the 2012 KHL All Star Game skills competition in Latvia with a speed of 183.67 km/h (114.13 MPH).

Why is the KHL trophy called the Gagarin Cup?

named after Yuri Gagarin the first man to step into outerspace,he was Russian

Why are there two Ls in the name Lloyd?

It comes from the Welsh Llwyd.Welsh has a lot of words with ll (which is pronounced something glike khl).

In what ways did soviet actions hamper eastern europeans economic recovery after world war 2?

.khl 1 fff

Whats the name of the second highest Hockey league?

The American Hockey League, which serves as a minor league feeder system for the NHL, is generally regarded as the second best league in the world. However, there are several leagues in Europe which are probably on par with the AHL. These would include the KHL in Russia, the Swedish Elite League, and the DEL in Germany.

How many NHL video games are there?

There are 21 NHL Games for now 1. NHL 93 (1992) 9. NHL 2001 (2000) 17. NHL 09 (2008) 2. NHL 94 (1993) 10. NHL 2002 (2001) 18. NHL 10 (2009) 3. NHL 95 (1994) 11. NHL 2003 (2002) 19. NHL 11 (2010) 4. NHL 96 (1995) 12. NHL 2004 (2003) 20. NHL 12 (2011) 5. NHL 97 (1996) 13. NHL 05 (2004) 21. NHL 13 (2012) 6. NHL 98 (1997) 14. NHL 06 (2005) 7. NHL 99 (1998) 15. NHL 07 (2006) 8. NHL 2000 (1999) 16. NHL 08 (2007)

Is NHL 09 better than NHL 08?

NHL 09 is better then NHL 08

Who make the rules in the NHL?