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Samford stadium

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Q: NCAA college football stadiums that run east to west?
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Can beer be served at college basketball games?

It depends! If you are talking the NCAA Final Four, then no. If you are talking about stadiums on campus (i.e., Northwestern), also no. But, where Big East teams play in non-campus stadiums (Marquett, DePaul, and UConn), then "Yes, you can have a beer!

Cleveland Browns football stadiums east scoreboard endzone has nickname?

yes, it is the dawg pound

Which NFL and NCAA football fields run east and west?

The Orange Bowl, where the Miami Hurricanes play and where the Orange Bowl was played for years and years until 1995 (and then again in 1999, but not since then) sits east and west, meaning that the goal posts are located at the east and west ends. Old Busch Stadium, St. Louis, when it was used for both football and baseball, was oriented east/west for football. For college, Boone Pickens Stadium (FKA: Lewis Field) is an east-west field. Sanford Stadium, home of the University of Georgia Bulldogs, runs east-west. It was built into a natural valley between the two parts of campus. For NFL, in addition to Dolphin Stadium (Orange Bowl), the Georgia Dome [Alanta Falcons], Ford Field [Detroit Lions], and Cleveland Browns Stadium are east-west fields. To my knowledge, there are more stadiums with the east-west orientation. I hope someone adds to this answer. Commonwealth Stadium in Lexington Kentucky also runs east to west I don't have an answer to why it was built this way. The majority of the stadiums have north to south end zones. The Stadium at East Carolina University also has the east-west alignment.

What NCAA schools have teams in two divisions?

Notre Dame's basketball team is in the Big East, and its football team is an independent.

Who was last Big East College Football National Champion?


Where does the East Carolina football team play?

The East Carolina football team, nicknamed "The Pirates", is the college football team for East Carolina University. The team's home games are played at the Dowdy-Fiklen Stadium, which is just south of the main campus.

What are the release dates for Fox College Football - 2012 Virginia Tech at East Carolina 2-7?

Fox College Football - 2012 Virginia Tech at East Carolina 2-7 was released on: USA: 14 September 2013

Does Maine have any college sports teams?

the University of Maine. They compete in NCAA Division I athletics, with the majority of the teams playing in the America East Conference


Depends on which conference, and there is a lot of them,.. Big East, SEC, ACC., etc

Where did David Garrard play college football?

David played at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC

Is sec football better than big east basketball?

Probably yes. SEC teams have won the last 6 BC national championship games. Big east teams have't been nearly as dominant in the NCAA tournament. Last 6 winners have included ACC (Duke, UNC), Big 12 (Kansas), and SEC (Florida). I'd agree that Big East is the best in college basketball though.

What is Xaviers NCAA basketball conference?

The Big East