NBA player high score

Updated: 12/20/2022
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Wilt Chamberlain 100

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Q: NBA player high score
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Single game high score NBA?

wilt chamberlain has 100

Who is the youngest player to score a triple double in the nba?

Lebron James

Is Kobe Bryant the youngest player to score 25000 points?

Yes Kobe Bryant is the youngest player in the NBA to score 25000 points.

Does nba preseason nba count nba score?

Yes they score in the NBA preseason. Every basketball game that has played has a score

Quickest player to score 24000 points in NBA history?

Kobe Bryant

Who was the youngest NBA player to score 40 points?

Kobe Bryant Lakers

Who is the youngest player to score a triple double in the nba and ranking?

wilt chamberland

How long does an NBA player have to go to college?

An NBA player can be drafted or signed right out of high school.

What NBA player was not drafted out of high school?

Carmelo Anthony

What is the first highets amount of score by one player in nba game?

16 dollars

Who was the first nba player to make a shot?

The first player to score a basket in the NBA was a man named Ossie Schectman. He scored on a fast break layup. Schectman died in 2013.

Can an NBA player get drafted directly out of high school?