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Could be pregnant

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Q: My nipples have got darker but its just a round circul round your nipple that is dark what could be wrong or could it be nothing?
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Does a girl's nipples become darker during puberty?

no girl's nipple become darker after sex

More nerves in nipple or penis?


Do nipples get darker as you get older?

yes they do get darker. example when you breast feed the child will suck your niple and will cut off cirulation and there it will turn darker. You could also tight up a rubber band in the nipple and leave it their for a few minutes. Thnx

Another name for nipples?

Nipples are found on both males and females and are small protrusions on the chest that are darker in color than the surrounding area. Mamilla and teat are alternate words for the word nipple when referring to females.

What is a nipple flapper?

A nipple flapper is a device that flaps your nipples around for you!

The areola of your right breast is darker and the nipple is larger iam not pregant?

Any changes in the appearance of your nipples should be checked by your doctor. If this is normal for you, meaning when you went thru puberty 1 nipple ended up darker or larger, is completely normal. Most of us have 1 breast that is larger than the other.

What is the nipple of the breast called?

A nipple is a nipple, simple as that. The sometimes darker // pinker skin around the nipple is called the aureole.

How do you say nipples in German?

Nippeln = nipples Nippel = nipple

What are some side effects of pierced nipples?

you can either lose or gain sensitivity; your nipples may or may not be hard all the time; they may get a little darker, just the nipple part. and some people are really different, so it can go anyway at all, really.

Where can you get your nipples pierced?

at the nipple pierceing station

How many nipples are in a byte?

4 bits are in 1 nipple

Why men nipples sensitive?

The mans nipple is a bit sensitive , but the lady will have a far more sensitive nipple.

What do what are these strawberries doing on my nipples mean and can you show me a picture of the nipples?

These are Montgomery glands, also referred to as areolar glands. They are located in the areola area of the nipple. They vary in number and their function is to lubricate the nipple and the areola. The areola is the dark area around the nipple.

If a man has hard nipples what is wrong?

its a nipple erection

The congress of Vienna was a victory of?

nipple. big fat hairy nipples.

What color is Miley Cyrus nipple?

Her nipples are BLUE

You have no nipples is this normal?

depends, do you mean they are REALY flat or you actually have no nipple??

How big are nipples supposed to be on a girl?

That is areola NOT nipple. Nipples obviously vary in size diameter and length,

What is the dark pigmented area surrounding the breast nipple called?

The darker area around the nipple is an areola.

Where can one learn more about nipple massage?

Breast Pump Direct has a lot resources concerning nipples and simple techniques every woman can use to maintain healthy nipples including nipple massage.

Do nipple piercing stiffen nipples?

yes at the start but it will heal and return to its original surface depends if you have panecake nipples

Does a nipple have a bone?

Nipples do not have bones, but they do have muscles and are erectile tissues.

What is the biggest nipples in the world?

the biggest nipple is on the humen boob that is nice and you can sguish it

Can you use nipple sucker to make your nipples bigger?

Yes, but the effect will be temporary.

What is an aereola around the nipple?

The areola around the nipple is the darker-colored skin that surrounds the central "point" of the breast.