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How about: The Jolly satanists?

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โˆ™ 2008-09-21 11:12:56
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Q: My friends and i want to make a skateboarding team and are not sure what to call it?
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What time street skateboarding league begins?

At night time just make sure there clear

When will surfing or skateboarding be considered Olympic sports?

Skateboarding is on it's way there but I'm not sure about surfing.

Was there skateboarding in ancient rome?

I am pretty sure that there was no skateboarding, rollerblading, surfing, in bodyboarding in acient rome.

What is the best skateboarding magazine?

transworld for sure!

How can i improve my skateboarding?

Practice every single day. Make sure you got shoes that got grip like: Converse or Vans

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sure, but make sure you have friends your age too

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They choose but make sure before picking. act cool too

What is the most prestigious skateboarding award?

"Legend." classifications are your awards in skateboarding, sure there is money in the tournies and you can be sponsored, but all you should really want is to be remembered.

What are the advantages of skateboarding?

There are lots of advantages to skateboarding! Some of these include: * Improvement to balance * Learning of a new skill * Sponsorships * Popularity * Fun * Adrenal Bursts I'm sure there are many more, but always remember safety when skateboarding!

Where do you buy skateboarding wheels?

You can buy wheels at just about every skateshop but make sure you know what mm it is from one end of the center hole to the other.

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I am a conservative male, my best friend is a liberal female. We disagree on a lot of things, but we still respect and appreciate each other. We make sure we never make any disagreement personal, just about the subject, and we stay friends.

How can one make their own skateboarding logos?

You can design your own skateboarding logo by drawing a sketch of what you want. You can use a graphics design program on the computer to finalize your look. Be sure to select sticker printing paper before you print. You can print the logo off and apply a quick coat of sealant to be sure the weather does not affect your logo.

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Skateboarding who did the first 720?

im not sure but tony hawk did the first 900

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Are skateboarding not allowed on sidewalks?

Skateboarding is a well known sport. It reaches all around the world. In general public skateboarding is allowed on the sidewalk but every city and country has different laws. where it may be legal in the united states it may not be the case in germany or china. my advice. depending on where you live i would ask an adult or spend a couple minutes on google just to make sure.

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It probably will ... call them to make sure.

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yes but call to make sure

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