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Q: My 14 year old high schooler is on the defensive line of his school's football team is 230 pounds too heavy?
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What college football position should you play if you're 5'10 272 pounds?

Defensive tackle

A population consists of all the weights of all defensive tackles on Sociable University's football team They are Johnson 204 pounds Patrick 215 pounds Junior 207 pounds Kendron 212 pounds N?

about 4

What football postion should i try out for if I'm 16 140 pounds and 5'8?

You should consider playing as an offensive or defensive midfielder if you are 16 weigh 140 pounds and you are 5'8.

How many American dollars is equal to 100 pounds?

100 pounds is roughly equal to about 194 American dollars. I hope you believe this answer, even though its coming from a middle schooler. A very smart middle schooler. -DFhashl

What football position should you play at 185 pounds and 5'10 in seventh grade?

In 7th grade you would probably be an offensive or defensive lineman.

Im in 8th grade football im 167 pounds and 5'9 and i did a forty yard dash and i did it around 9 seconds what position should i play i want to be a defensive end or line backer?

Defensive tackle.

What are baseball player Mike Schooler's physical stats?

Mike Schooler is 6 feet 3 inches tall. He weighs 220 pounds. He bats right and throws right.

What football position should you play at 250 pounds 6'1 and 14 years old?

offensive line man at that age and size then as you get older if you stay around the same size move to defensive back

What is a good football position for a 14 year -old who weighs 173 pounds and is 6 foot 2?

Wow, that would depend on his speed and strength! At that size he will only get bigger and college scouts drool at strong offensive linemen like that. Same with a defensive linemen, Defensive tackle would be good.

How much should a 14 yr old weigh?

well i am 13 years old in middle school eighth grade,i will be 14 in may and i am 5'11 158 pounds and i play football as the starting defensive end.

How does football weigh?

A football weighs about 2.2 pounds

How big should a college defensive lineman be?

At least 6'5 and about 230 pounds