Muslim players in epl

Updated: 9/27/2023
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ni yg aku tau...mostly adalah France player.. Belal repiery (Bayern) France

Anelka (Bolton) France

Elhabsi (Bolton) Oman

Mido(Boro) Egypt

Abidal (Barca) France

Kolo Toure (Arsenal) Ivory Coast

Yaya Toure (Barca) ivory coast

Momo Sissoko (Liverpool) Mali

Fred (Lyon) Brazil

Abdullai Fai (Bolton) Senegal

Khalded Bolharuz (Chelsea) Holland

Hatim Ben Arfa (Lyon) France

Kareem Bin Zeema (Lyon)France

Samir Sabri (Marsllie)France

Zidane (real) France

Frank Ribery (bayern) France

Lassana Diarra (portsmouth) France

Mahamadou Diarra

El Hadji Diouf ni tak 100% cm betul Henry (Barca)France

Ruben Van Persie (Arsenal)Holland

Turam (Barca) France

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Eric Abidal

Karim Benzema

Sami Khedira

Mesut Ozil

Franck Ribery

Freddy Kanoute

Samir Nasri


Nikloas Anelka

Robin Van Persie

Bacari Sagna

The Toure brothers

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40, according to a BBC documentary, aired on 7 July 2013.

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Al Hadji Diouf - Bolton

Samir Nasri-Arsenal

Robin Van Persie - Arsenal

Marouane Chamakh - Arsenal

Marouane Fellaini - Everton

Leon Osman - Everton

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van persie , nasri, kolo toure,yaya toure , fellani,osman, kalou anelka

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Armand traore, maroane chamakh,

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Q: Muslim players in epl
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Name some of the EPL players?

There are a lot of EPL Players. Man United: Rooney, Ronaldino Liverpool: Torres, Gerrad These are some I can think of at this moment.

Hours per week that epl players train?

The English Premiere League (EPL) has some of the best football players in the world. These players train at least 12 hours a week if not more.

Does the EPL have a draft?

No. Players are transferred in or come through the academy.

Who are some EPL players known for good sportsmanship?

steven Gerrard

What does one do on an EPL Fantasy site?

On an EPL fantasy site, one plays fantasy football. Choosing your team and your players as if you were in real life. Interacting with other players is a big part of any fantasy team.

Why do the players in EPL spit so much on their playing field?

Because their mouths get dry.

List famous Muslim players in the world?

i want to know who are the muslim players playing in europe

How many players in soccer have scored from the centre of the soccer pitch?

Only 3 players have scored from the half-way line is soccer since 1950. Xavi Alonso for Liverpool( EPL 2008) and Hugo Roddelega(EPL 2010) for Wigan and Maradona for Argentina. ( International '79)

What epl team has the most American players?

i f1nk its iz fulham bt NT tht sure m8

How are non Muslim players treated in Turkey?

If they play well, they are treated well. The same thing applies to Muslim players.

Do foreign players in the EPL receive higher pay than English players?

Not always. It depends upon the quality of foreigners. Gerrard in Liverpool gets more money than lucas.

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