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Cassius marcellus clay jr.

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Q: Muhammad alis better known name was before he joined the nation of Islam?
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How did Malcolm X join the Nation of Islam and Elijah Muhammad?

he was received by his brother how was a follower of Elijah Muhammad in prison. Malcolm took on the virtue of knowledge and when he got out of prision in 1952 he went to find Elijah Muhammad and joined the Nation.

What state was a nation 10 years before it joined the union?

Texas was an independent nation (Republic of Texas) for 10 years before it joined the Union as the State of Texas.Hawai'i was an independent nation (Kingdom of Hawai'i) for 103 years before it was annexed by the United States as the Territory of Hawaii. Hawaii was admitted to the Union as the Stat of Hawaii in 1959.

Why did Muhammad Ali become Muslim?

He adopted his name when he joined the Nation of Islam (which was sort of a different sect of Islam at the time. They had accepted their leader, Elijah Muhammad, as the Messiah/Mahdi, and had some racist ideas as well.), but he converted to Islam in 1975 when Elijah died and his son, Warith Deen Muhammad, took control of the Nation of Islam and reformed it to more mainstream Islam (including rejection of Elijah as God on Earth, rejection of racism, closer ties to the Muslim community, and the Five Pillars of Islam). Muhammad Ali attributes his conversion to this shift toward Islam by the Nation. Perhaps he realized that Islam was much better than the ideas of Elijah. Hope that helps.

Who was the leader of the nation of islam?

The leader of the Nation of Islam (NOI) is a man named Louis Eugene Wolcott who is better known as Louis Farrakhan Muhammad Sr.

What is Elijah Muhammad's occupation?

Elijah Muhammad is a/an Leader of the Nation of Islam

How were the original 13 colonies governed before they joined together to form one nation?

they joined together by working together and helping each state clen their enviorment

How were the original 13 colonies governed before the joined toghther to form one nation?

They were governed by Great Britain, the Tyrant -_-

What nation that had signed a noneggression pact with Germany eventually joined the allies?

what nation that had signed a nonaggression pack with Germany eventually joined the allies

Why Did Muhammad Ali Leave the Nation of Islam?

He didn't leave the nation of Islam

Who was the nation that joined the allies in 1941?

The United States joined the Allies in December of 1941.

How did Mohammad Ali become famous?

Muhammad Ali first rose to fame by becoming the world heavyweight boxing championship in 1964. At the time he was known as Cassius Clay, and defeated Sonny Liston. This made him the youngest boxer to take the title from a reigning champion. Clay joined the Nation of Islam shortly after and changed his name to Muhammad Ali.

Which is the nation which joined united nations organization recently?

Montenegro joined 28 June 2006

What nation joined the allies last?


When did Pakistan joined the united nation?


How did Muhammad Ali change the civil rights movement?

Before becoming Muhammad Ali the civil rights activist was known as Cassius Clay. Ali's success as a boxer and member of the Nation of Islam gave other African Americans hope to continue their struggle.

What nation joined the NATO alliance several years after it was founded?

West Germany joined NATO in 1955.

What did Malcolm X do after jail?

He joined the Nation of Islam

When did Ghana join the united nation?

They joined in 1956

Who was the 6th nation that joined the iroqouis confederacy?

The Tusacora

Why was Elijah Muhammad thought to be a prophet even though he did not find the Nation of Islam?

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad definitely was the Messenger of Allah.

What is the nation of origin in Islam?

The nation of origin of Islam per Quran God revelation to prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the Arabic nation in Saudi Arabia.

African american group founded by Elijah Muhammad?

Nation of Islam

Why is Prophet Muhammad pbuh important?

Because he is prophet of a large nation .

What divided nation joined the Warsaw pact?

East Germany

Who is the founder of the nation of Islam?

Nation Of Islam (NOI) is an organization with religion quite different from the main stream of Islam per Quran revelation to prophet Muhammad (PBUH). NOI was founded by Wallace D. Fard Muhammad.