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Mithibai. Jinnah was Muhammad Ali Jinnah's mother.

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jinnah poonjah is the father name of Mohammad ali jinnah

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mitti bai

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Q: Mother's name of Muhammad Ali Jinnah?
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Related questions

Did Muhammad Ali Jinnah marry?

Muhammad Ali Jinnah was married and had a family.

What is the name of quaid-e-azam Muhammad ali jinnah's mother?

Mithibai Jinnah

What is Muhammad Ali Jinnah's birthday?

Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born on December 25, 1876.

What was the cause for Jinnah death?

Jinnah Muhammad Ali died of natural cause in 1947.for more information on Jinnah and his life :jinnah-muhammad-ali

What is the name of quaid-e-azam?

Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Father's name of muhammad ali jinnah?

Punjalal Thakkar

What is the name of Pakistani national hero?

Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Where comes the name jinnah?

Jinnah is the name of a famous caste in sub-continent with which which founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah belonged.

Who was the son of Muhammad Ali Jinnah?

jinnah had no son

How many children did Muhammad Ali Jinnah have?

Muhammad Ali Jinnah only had one daughter, Dina Wadia.

And who is ratti jinnah?

Ratti jinnah was wife of Muhammad ali Jinnah.

What is the full name of Muhammad Ali Jinnah?

His full name was Mahomedali Jinnahbhai.