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That is Joe McCarthy with a lifetime record of 2125-1333 for a winning percentage of .615. McCarthy managed the Chicago Cubs from 1926-1930, the New York Yankees from 1931-1946, and the Boston Red Sox from 1948-1950.

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Joe Torre.

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which mangager in Baseball has taken their team to the most playoffs...with the most different teams. Is it Joe Torre?

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Q: Most wins by a baseball manager?
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What Mets manager has gathered the most wins as manager of the Mets?

The Mets' manager with the most wins is Davey Johnson who managed the Mets to 595 wins between 1984-1990. Second is Bobby Valentine with 536 wins between 1996-2002.

Which active mlb manager has the most wins?

dusty baker

What manager has most wins?

Connie Mack, with 3,371. For the rest of the Top-100, check out the Baseball Almanac (

What major league baseball manager has the most 100 wins in a single season?

Bobby Cox of the Atlanta Braves and Joe McCarthy of the New York Yankees with 6 each.

Who had the most wins in Major League Baseball in 2011?

In 2011, the Philadelphia Phillies had the most wins with 102. Justin Verlander had the most wins as a pitcher with 24.

Which baseball team has the most wins?

Through the 2013 season, the San Francisco Giants have the most wins (10,692).

Which division 1 baseball team has the most consecutive wins?

Clemson Tigers 1977 Baseball team had 29 wins to begin the season

Who is the manager with most wins in the teams history up until 2001 for the Milwaukee Brewers?

Henry Kouene

Which Major League Baseball team had the most wins in 2008?

In 2008, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim had the most wins with 100.

Who has the most wins in high school baseball?

John Karczewski

Most wins in 1 year by a pitcher in baseball?


Who had the most wins and saves in baseball?

Mariano Rivera of the New York Yankees has the most saves in Major League Baseball