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I'v herd lots of roomers about the top most tiring sports. But with what I herd the top 2 most tiring sports are Soccer and Motocross.

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โˆ™ 2010-07-20 15:30:18
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Q: Most top tiring sport in the world?
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What is the 6th most popular sport in the world?

Table Tennis is the 6th most popular sport in the world. Determining the 6th most popular sport in the world depends on what list you are looking at and the criteria used for choosing the sports on that list. According to Click Top 10, the 6th most popular sport in the world is basketball. According to The Top Tens, the 6th most popular sport in the world is ice hockey. According to Most Popular, the 6th most popular sport in the world is table tennis, based on number of fans who follow the sport. According to OMG Top Lists, the 6th most popular sport in the world is basketball.

What is the top sport in the world?


What are the four top sports played in Slovenia?

The most common sport is ofcourse football, and the most top sport in rich life is tennis, hope i helped :)

Why is soccer the fastest growing sport in the world?

It isn't. In the World, it has attained the top spot as the planet's most popular sport. It has billions of fans. It's the fastest growing sport in the U.S. because it's the only sport (other than basketball) where it's possible for the U.S. to compete on a world level.

Top 10 reachest sport in world?


Is soccer the top french sport?

Yes, soccer is the most popular sport in France.

In 1997 what was top most popular sport?


What is the number one watched sport in the world?

football is the number one top sport in the world and chelsea football club is the best football club in the world!

Top watched sport in the world?

I would say soccer.

What are the top 5 world richest football sport?


What sport generates the most money?

baseball is the sport that makes the most money as it is also the one with the most games, which means more TV advertisements this plus baseball being one of the sport with more TV breaks makes it the most profitable sport. it also has the highest salaries in sports (NY Yankee's being the top payed players in the world above Real Madrid)

What is the fastsest street car in the world called?

The fastest street-legal car in the world is the Bugatti Veyron Super sport, it has a top speed of over 260 mph. On youtube look up, top gear Bugatti super sport

What is the most watched NCAA sport?

the most wathched NCCA sport would have to be basketball March Madness is insane and there is no compition with any other sport for the top watched a close second though would be football

What are the top fastest cars in the world?

The Bugatti Veyron Super-Sport is the fastest "production" car in the world (temporarily).

What is the National sport of Iceland?

Team handball is often referred to as a national sport. Iceland's team is one of the top ranked teams in the world.

What is Bangladesh's national sport?

Sport in Bangladesh is popular and widespread. The most popular sport in Bangladesh is cricket, Bangladesh being the top 9th team in the world,[1] followed by football (soccer), and kabaddi. Kabaddi is the national sport of Bangladesh.Hope that answers your question

Who are the top ten richest sport men in world?

The sports that pay the most money are the most dependent on if you win or not. Golf and Tennis make more money than any other sport, but that is totally dependent on if you win or not, if you don't, it's much further down the list

Who are the top 10 richest sports stars in the world?

Probably the top 10 best soccer players from Europe like Renaldo( 130Milion$ ) are the best payed in the word i mean soccer is the most popular internatinal sport

What are the most popular sports in Saint Lucia?

tennis is the top sport in st Lucia

What are the top richest sport clubs in the world as at August 2009 regarless of sport?

the answers too utd is the richest club in the category of football

How fast is a buggatti veyron super sport?

The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport recorded a top speed of 431 km/h. This is the world record.

How many people in the world think that gymnastics is not a sport?

I love gymnastics and has been my absolute favorite sport since I was 2 years old. All my friends always say, "you have to play a sport!" I always say, "I do, gymnastics. It's is in the Olympics, so it is a sport!" Many people in the world think that gymnastics is not a sport and all the people that do gymnastics are the ones that really know that gymnastics IS a sport. Also, gymnastics is on the chart of the top 10, most hardest SPORTS! Gymnastics is a sport.

Bar graph of the most popular sport?

Okay, here goes! Iโ€™m only listing top ten!

Who is the world's top most tea producer in the world?


Who are the top paid men and women in sports?

The top paid man is Tiger Woods, and the top paid woman is Lorena Ochoa. Golf is a sport that gives out the most money.

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