Most three pointers ever

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ray allen

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Q: Most three pointers ever
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What are most three pointers Reggie Miller has ever hit in a game?

Twice Reggie Miller hit eight three pointers.

What NBA players have the most 3-point shots scored in a playoff game?

Ray Allen of the Boston Celtics beat the record for most 3 pointers ever made in a game in the playoffs of 2009-2010. He scored 8 three pointers in all.

Who is jj redick?

J.J. Redick is perhaps the best pure shooter to ever play college. He is a three year veteran out of Duke who holds the NCAA record for most three pointers made all time, at 457 made. He currently plays for the Orlando Magic, although he doesn't play that many minutes.

What is the most number of terms ever served by a President?

Three terms

How old should you be for lasers pointers?

Laser pointers are widely abused by kids who have no reason to have them. They are used for idiotic purposes like for pointing in peoples eyes (never ever do this!). If you are responsible enough, I would say 12+.

Is Three Days Grace the best band ever?

It is a form of one's opinion, but most people do not think that they are the best band ever.

What are the three most successful movies ever made?

Click on the link below for more information.

Is Eclipse the worst film ever made?

most certainly not. it was the best of the three twilight movies.

Why java does not support pointers?

This was a design decision taken by the creators of the Java programming language. Pointers is a C concept that allows access to the system memory to the programmers. This created a lot of chaos and problems and everyone who has ever written a program in the C language will accept that. To avoid this pandoras box of problems, the creators of java decided to not support pointers in the java language.

When was Ever After - The Three O'Clock album - created?

Ever After - The Three O'Clock album - was created in 1986.

Where online can I find safety information on laser pointers?

A laser pointer can cause permanent damage to the eye, so they should not be pointed in the area of the head. Laser pointers are a lot stronger than they have ever been and have been known to cause blindness when pointed into to someones eyes.

Most number of terms ever served by a president?

The most terms served by a United States president was three. Although Roosevelt died near the beginning of his third term, he was elected three times.

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