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The most sixes hit in an innings was 16 by Greame Napier who scored 155 in a English County 20/20 match for Essex.

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Q: Most six in cricket record
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Who has the longest six record in Indian cricket?

yuvraj singh

Who hit most six in a over in test cricket?

Ravi Shastri hit the most six in a over in test cricket.

Who has hitted the most biggest six in Cricket?

Shahid afridi has hitted biggest six in cricket history

Is there a record for the most hits on a cricket bat?

yes. But have you though about asking what the actual record was?

Who currently has the record for the most centuries in Twenty20 cricket?


Who hit the logest six in IPL cricket?

Albie Morkel holds the record of the longest six (approx. 126 mtr.) of the IPL.

What is the most number of wickets taken in one over of cricket?


Who has the longest six record in one day cricket?

Shahid Afridi hit the Longest Six against South Africa on 17th March 2103 :)

The first ten players Who has the longest six record in one day cricket?

Shahid Afridi hit 145 meter six to A.Saimond in Melbourne

Who holds the record for most time run out in test cricket?

Inzamamul Haque

Who holds the record for most number of not out appearances in odi cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar

Who scored the most runs in test cricket?

The most runs in Test Cricket is scored by the Indian Batsman Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. He also has achieved the record of most runs in ODI's . There are many other record on his name apart from these.

How many bowls in 1 over for cricket six or eight bowls?

In England and in most countries that play cricket, an over consists of six ball over.

Longest six in the cricket history?

The biggest six in the history of cricket by Shahid Afridi.

Who holds the record for most test half centuries in cricket?

A Border 63 50s

Who holds the record of dropping most catches in a cricket match?

i think its Kevin pieterson

What is the record for catching the most popcorn in your mouth by throwing it?


Which batsman holds the record of hitting most number of sixes in Test Cricket?

Adam Gilchrist

Which team holds the record for most consecutive losses in test cricket?

21 tests by Bangladesh.

Which team has record of losing most matches in the world cups?

In football it is Spain in cricket it is Kenya.

Who hold the record for the most fifties in any cricket world cup?

Sachin Tendulkar from the India

Who holds the record of the most test Cricket runs scored by an Indian batsman?

sachin tendulkar

Which is the biggest six in international cricket?

The biggest six in international cricket was hit by Jacob Oram. The six was 133 meters long.

Who had scored the most number of double centuries in Test Cricket?

Most double century record in Test Cricket is still in the name of Donald Bradman who scored 12 double centuries.

Who has hit highest number of six in cricket?

maximum no of sixes in cricket