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X Stiff would be standard for a PGA Tour player.

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Q: Most popular irons shaft flex on PGA tour?
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Most popular driver flex on PGA tour?

The most popular driver flex on the pga tour would be an X flex shaft . For high swing speeds. And a weighting of anywhere between 66 to 90 gram shaft roughly.

How can you tell what the shaft flex is on Ping eye 2 irons?

Take the grip off. If there is a green mark at the butt end of the shaft the shaft is stiff.

What is the difference between regular flex and stiff flex iron shafts?

The flex of a shaft can be varied depending on the needs of the golfer. Stronger golfers tend to swing faster and therefore need a stiffer shaft to keep the club head from lagging too far behind. Seniors and ladies can benefit from a more flexible shaft that helps compensate for the slower swing speed. Shaft flex is important for woods and the longer irons, but has less effect on the shorter irons. Any good golf pro can analyze your swing and tell you what degree of shaft flex you need. Good luck.

What is firm shaft flex?

Callaway make this shaft flex, it is designed in between a regular flex and stiff flex shaft.

What shaft can be substituted W54 ping graphite shaft?

You can replace that shaft with any on the market. Since that shaft came with the Ping ISI Irons and had a firm flex, since the W44 were regular, you should get a stiff shaft put in for a replacement.

Is a flex shaft a regular shaft?

A regular shaft has regular flex.

What is the difference between regular flex and soft flex graphite irons?

The difference between regular flex and soft flex graphite irons are the suitability to the needs of the golfer. Stronger golfers swing faster thus needing the regular flex. Ladies and seniors, on the other hand, need soft flex graphite irons.

What is the difference between the callaway uniflex shaft and the stiff flex shaft?

Uniflex is a firmish-R flex shaft (usually made by True Temper). Not as stiff as a stiff-flex steel shaft from True Temper. But stiffer than an R flex True Temper shaft.

What is the hockey stick that flexes the most?

A hockey stick's flex is shown on the shaft of the stick, usually at the top. A stick with more flex has a lower number, ranging from 80 (most flex) to 110 (least flex). The most flexible stick will have an 80 Flex.

What is the most common shaft flex on the Champions Tour?

Believe it or not the most used shaft would probably be stiff and some of the younger ones would even use x-flex. There would be very few who would use senior flex shafts.

What does 5.0 rifle on a callaway shaft mean?

It is a Rifle shaft or Rifle Project X, a very very popular shaft, 5.0 plays very close to regular flex.

How do you replace a Weed eater FL 20 flex shaft?

i need to replace the flex shaft in my weedeater. how do i do it?

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