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You can get 3 points

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Q: Most points you can get with a single shot in basketball?
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What are the points in basketball?

two points a shot

In basketball what is the most number of points you can score with a single shot?

3 points. the only exception to this is if you are fouled while shooting a 3-point shot (and make it). Then you will get an opportunity to shoot one free throw (worth 1 more point). so in this situation you can score 4 points - but technically this is two shots, not a single shot.

How many points is a normal shot worth in basketball?

2 points

How many points do you get for a lay up shot in Basketball?

you get 2 points

How many points do you get for a lay-up shot in Basketball?

2 points

How many points when you score a basketball point?

A regular shot in basketball is 2 points, a shot that is thrown from past the 3-point line is worth 3 points, and a foul shot is worth one point.

What's the most common shot in basketball?

The most common shot in basketball is a layup.

How many points are given when shot from inside the paint in basketball?

2 Points

Can you make more than 3 points in one basketball shot?

No the maximum points you can get in one shot is 3.

What does shot mean in basketball?

The word shot in basketball or (NBA) means an attempt to score either two or three points.

How many points does a foul shot count in basketball?


What is the most used shot in basketball?

jump shot

Who holds the most 3pts. shot made in a professional basketball game in a single game?

Theodore Papaluokas of Greece made 18 3pt. shots in a single professional basketball game.

How many points are scored for a shot that is taken from inside the key way basketball?

2 points

How much is a 3-pointer shot worth in basketball?

3 points

How many points is a regular basket in basketball?

A regular basket is worth 2 points in basketball. In basketball, a foul shot taken from the foul line is worth 1 point. A field goal, shot in normal play is worth 2 points. A shot taken outside the 3-point line will earn the successful attempt three points.

How many is a basketball shot worth?

2 points if it is a regular shot, and if you shoot it at the center line 3

How many points for shot made outside arc in basketball?

Thay are three points, or three-pointers

How many points is a shot form the free throw line in basketball?


How many points is a shot from half court in basketball?

5 point people

How many ways to score ten points in basketball?

Shot from the otherside of the court

How many points is a shot from outside the half circle worth in basketball?


How can a player score 4 points in a single shot in basketball?

This can happen when a player is fouled while shooting a 3-pointer and makes the shot. They are awarded with a free throw, in addition to making the 3-pointer. If the free throw is made, the result is 4 points.

Where is the most made shot in basketball?

In the paint

What is the most accurate shot in basketball?