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55 by UNC in the 2009 NCAA Tournament that would be in a champinship game. the tourney record was set in 1970 by Iowa.75 in first half.

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Q: Most points in a half in NCAA tournament?
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What is the fewest points scored in a half in a NCAA women's basketball game?


What is the largest comeback ever in the NCAA Division One basketball tournament?

Duke defeated Maryland, 95 to 84, in the 2001 tournament, after trailing 39 to 17 in the first half.

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Why was the NCAA field expanded to 64 teams?

Over the years, the NCAA tournament has expanded several times for various reasons. As more and more schools were developing solid basketball programs, the competitivness was increasing throughout the country. More games = more money. when the tournament originated, it was only an 8-team tournament. years later, it grew to a 16-team tournament. then throughtout the 70's & 80's, as the tournament's popularity increased and TV revenues increased, the tournament grew larger and larger each year. in 1985, it was set at 64 teams. 64 is a good number for a tournament field, because its easily divisible. half of 64 is 32. half of 32 is 16. half of 16 is 8. half of 8 is 4. half of 4 is 2. half of 2 is 1. since 2001, a 65th team has been added as a part of a "play-in game" after that one game, the field is back to 64 teams.

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Which team holds the NFL record for most points allowed in a half?

The most points let in during a half is 49 - the Buccaneers (1983) and Eagles (1941) hold this

What is the record for points in a half in a NFL game?

Most Points Each Half, First Half, 49Green Bay Packers vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers (10/2/83) Most Points Each Half, Second Half, 49Chicago Bears vs Philadelphia Eagles (11/30/41) Most Points, Both Teams, First Half, 70Houston Oilers (35) vs Oakland Raiders (35) (12/22/63)

How many points is a stalemate in chess?

Since a stalemate is a draw game, in tournament chess or scoring chess, each side would score half a point.

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How long is half in a men's NCAA?

20 minutes

How many minutes are in NCAA football half?


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