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Kareem Abdul Jabbar

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100 points by Wilt Chamberlain 3/2/1962.

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Q: Most points a player has made in basketball?
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What is the most points made in a games by one player in a basketball game?

Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 point in 1962 when he played for the Philadelphia 76ers

What basketball player made the most fouls in a single season?


Who is the basketball player made a 137 points in 1984?

no body has scored 137 points in the game the highest score that single person has had in a game is 100 and the was wilt chamberlin

Which Georgetown basketball player made the most three pointers in a game?

John Wallace

How much are basketball goals?

In the game of basketball, points are scored when a player makes a basket in the opposing teams goal. The scoring of shots goes like this: any shot made inside of the "three point line" is two points, any shot made outside of the "three point line" is three points, and free throws made are one point each.

What college basketball player has made the most three pointers in a row in a game?

j.j. reddick

What is mean by a field goal and how many points are awarded in basketball?

In basketball, a "field goal" is the official term for any basket made from the floor other than a free throw. Most of the scoring in a basketball game is field goals. They are worth two points, or three points if the shot is taken from behind the 3-point arc.

What is 3pm-a mean in basketball?

That means 3 Points Made - Attempted !

When is a basket made in basketball?

A basket is made when one team player gets the basketball through their hoop.

What are the most points you can make in a basketball game?

The most points ever made in regulation is 173 points on 02/27/1959 when the Boston Celtics beat the Minneapolis Lakers. This feat was repeated when the Pheonix Suns beat the Denver Nuggets with 173 points on 11/10/1990.

How can a player score 4 points in a single shot in basketball?

This can happen when a player is fouled while shooting a 3-pointer and makes the shot. They are awarded with a free throw, in addition to making the 3-pointer. If the free throw is made, the result is 4 points.

What does mvp mean in basketball?

MVP stands for Most Valuable Player in basketball. It is an award given to the player who is deemed to have made the biggest impact on their team and the league as a whole during a regular season. The MVP is typically determined by a vote of media members and sometimes players and coaches.