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13 times, a team has gotten shut out on 13 hits

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Depends... could be nine if there were walks or errors could be infinity without

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Q: Most hits in a game without scoring any runs?
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What game had the most hits without a home run?

Last night, Dodgers vs. Brewers - 24 hits

What is most number of hits by a team with no runs scored in 9 innings?

Milwaukee vs. Toronto (31 hits) august 28th, 1992.

How do you score in baseball pass?

If the ball gets passed the fielder then its scored as a hit . If the fielder gets hit or hits the ball the scoring tends to be a hit but it can be called an error ... The scoring in a Baseball game is up to the home Field score keeper ...

What is the record for most hits in a game?

Most hits in a game with 9 innings is 7 by Wilbert Robinson(1892) and Rennie Stennett(1975). Most hits in a game with extra innings is 9 by Johnny Burnett(1932) and he did it in 18 innings.

How do the teams score in the game of volleyball?

there are 2 different ways of scoring but mostly everyone scores by rally scoring. a team gets a point every tme the other team drops a ball on their court, hits it out or doesnt get it over. you need to understand the other rules also.

Who has the current record for the most hits in one MLB game in 2010?

Johhny Burnett. 9 hits in a single game.

Who had the most hits before all-star break?

Most base hits before all star game

How many goals in a lacrosse game is considered good?

3 is usually good but lacrosse is all about scoring goals assists are just as great along with ground balls and big hits

Who holds the Florida Marlins record for most hits in a game?

The team record for hits in a game is 5 and is held by nine players. The last Marlins player to get 5 hits in a game was Dan Uggla in 2006.

What mlb player has the most hits in a single game?

Well, many players have the record. There is atleast a 20-way tie for hits in the AL for a 9 inning game, most recently by Ian Kinsler in 2009, which 6 hits. The NL is a 2 way tie for hits in a 9 inning game at 7. Johnny Burnett holds the all time record for hits in an extra innings game, getting 9 hits in an 18 inning game for the Indians in 1932

How many hits can you get in a inning without scoring a run?

3 hits to load bases followed by 2 pick off outs. Then 2 more hits to re-load bases equals five total. The 6th hit comes when a hit ball then hits a runner. The runner is called out but the batter gets credited with a hit.

What is the most hits in a major league inning by one team without scoring a run?

I don't know what the actual answer is, but I say 6 hits without scoring a run is theoretically possible: three hits to load the bases, two fielder's choice outs of the lead runners, then two more singles to load the bases again. Then the 6th hit would be a batted ball into a baserunner. The baserunner would be the 3rd out and the batter is credited with a hit. Or the 6th hit could be, although unlikely, an infield hit where there's an attempted putout at 1st, then the batter rounds 1st in attempt to go to 2nd and is immediately tagged out before the run crosses the plate.