Most famous netball coach

Updated: 12/18/2022
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the New Zealand coach

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Q: Most famous netball coach
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Who is the most famous lady netball player?

irene van dyk is the most famous lady netball player

Is netball the most famous sport for women?

It is not the most popular sport. Tennis, basketball and soccer are actually more famous than netball. However, netball is a very popular sport for younger women ages 7-16

Who is the most famous netball player in Germany?

Mikhael kroon

What is Natalie Medhurst most famous for?

Natalie medhurst is most famous for playing netball she is in the Queensland firebirds team

Who is a famous netball player in sydney swifts?

Mo'onia Gerard - she plays Goal Defence (GD) and Wing Defence (WD) - she may not be the most famous netball player ever but she is famous in the Swifts. Hope this helped.

Who is the most famous netball player in Jamaica?

Simone Forbes

Who is the most famous wing attack in netball?

Olivia Murphy, ex-England captain.

Who is the packers most famous coach?

Lindy Infante.

What is Rachel Dunn famous for?

Rachel Dunn is an international netball player from England. She is most known for playing for the England National netball team, winning a silver medal at the 2010 World Netball Series.

Why is netball played in winter?

Hey there :D I am a netball coach, not a PEADO ;-). Therefore i know most answers to netball questions, so do not hesistate to call me on; 07801511359 The answer to this its a seasonal sport Many thanks James Cockerton.

Who is the most famous coach in sports history?

Henry flag

What is Brendan Shanahan most famous for?

Brendan Shanahan is most famous for being NFL football coach Mike Shanahan's son, and is also an NFL football coach himself, an offensive coordinator.