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The 1948 Sammy Baugh card is the most expensive football card known. The BOOK says a top notch one is worth a whopping $500.000.

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Q: Most expensive football cards
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What are the Most expensive 1991 football cards?

The 1991 Topps Stadium Club Football set was the most expensive 1991 football cards made that year. The rarest made that year though are the 1991 Pro Set Spanish Edition Football cards. These spanish versions of the English Pro Set set are worth on average 3x's even the average 1991 Stadium Club Football cards.

What is the top ten most expensive football card?

i saw on internet that Troy Aikman,Emmitt Smith,and Red Grange are some of the most expensive cards but value of cards decreased due to material of card

What is the most expensive 1990 football card?

Emmitt Smith cards are worth the most for that year. The Score and Fleer Update cards are worth the most. $20-$30 each roughly.

What football player is on the most football cards?

Michael Jordan

Who is the most expensive player in soccer?

kaka is the most expensive football player

What is the world's most expensive football boot?

There may be a more expensive cleat out there but if you are refering to American football and not soccer one of most expensive would be the Total 90 Laser II made for football.

The most expensive football transfers?

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most expensive player is the world?

What is the most expensive form of borrowing?

Credit Cards

Who is the most expensive forward in football?


Who most expensive football's surname?

It is Ronaldo.

Who has the most football cards in the world?

William Bickett

What is the most expensive throwback football jersey?

The most expensive jersey has to be the throwback jersey of Bob Griese

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