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Rio Ferdinand - Leeds United - Manchester United - £29.1m Wayne Rooney - Everton - Manchester United - £27m David Beckham - Manchester United - Real Madrid - £25m Rio Ferdinand - West Ham United - Leeds United - £18m Michael Owen - Real Madrid - Newcastle United - £18m Owen Hargreaves - Bayern Munich - Mancherster United - £18m Michael Carrick - Tottenhan Hotspur - Manchester United - £17m Alan Shearer - Blackburn Rovers - Newcastle United - £15m Jonathan Woodgate - Newcastle United - Real Madrid - £13.4m Scott Parker - Charlton Athletic - Chelsea - £10m

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Dean Richards & Kevin Davies......must be up there! Scott Parker?

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A few suggestions:

Steve Bruce

Gary Megson

Paul Warhurst

Mark Bright

Mike Newell

Brian Laws

Ian Crook

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Q: Most expensive English football players
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