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Q: Most consecutive hits in straight games?
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Who holds the major league record for consecutive hits?

Joe Di Maggio of the New York Yankees had hits in 56 consecutive games during the 1941 season.

What pitcher holds the record for the most consecutive hits?

Rick reuchel

What pitcher has given up the most consecutive hits in an inning?


Who holds most consecutive country no 1 hits?

garth brooks

What is the record for most consecutive games with a hit in MLB?

The all time MLB record is 17 consecutive plate appearances reaching base by Frank Ward in 1893. Ward got 8 hits, 8 walks, and hit by a pitch once. The modern day MLB record is held by Hall of Famer Ted Williams who reached base in 16 consecutive plate appearances in 1957. He got six hits, was walked 9 times, and hit by a pitch once.

What Red sox's player has the most consecutive hits on the road?

Carl Yastrzemski

What man holds the major league baseball record for most consecutive games with a hit?

As of the 2007 World Series, the record for consecutive base hits is 12 and is held by Pinky Higgins of the 1938 Boston Red Sox and Walt Dropo of the 1952 Detroit Tigers. consecutive hits in one game (modern day): On June 29, 1970, Ceasar Gutierrez, Det. Tigers, became the first MLB player to hit 7 consecutive. 12 inning game. (I'm pretty sure it's been done since.) CONSECUTIVE HITS: As I see the question, it is not only in one game and even tough it is registered that Walt Droppo fo Detroit had 12 consecutive hits in a streak during the 1952 season, John Kling of the Cubs in 1902, according the SABR has that record -12-, tied by Droppo. It was done from the 24 to 28 of August. By the way, nobody else has done it without walks in between. In one game? Rennie Stennet of the Pittsburg Pirates has the modern record of 7, considering 9 innings (September 16, 1975). César Gutiérrez did it, as shown above, in 12 IPs (June 21, 1970) with Detroit; the only ones.

Who has had the most consecutive hits for the San Francisco Giants?

Jose Vizcaino and John Olerud both with 9

Which hitting record did Joe DiMaggio achieve in 1941?

Joe DiMaggio set a major league record in 1941 by hitting in 56 consecutive games. The streak lasted from May 15 - July 16, 1941. His record still stands today.56 straight hits

Who had 3 consecutive no17 hits in 1989?


What is the record for consecutive hits to start a baseball game?

in 1946 Sam Hernandaze hit a total of 25 foul balls in one at bat

How may consecutive hits did the bee gees have from 1977 to 1979?

They had 30 top 40 hits