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Q: Most career home runs by an active pitcher?
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Who has the most lifetime home runs?

As of 2009 Barry Bonds has the most career home runs with 762. Ken Griffey Jr. has the most career home runs of active players with 630 home runs.

What is the most home runs by a pitcher in his career?

This may be a trick question. Babe Ruth hit 714 HR -- most of them as an outfielder, but some as a pitcher.

Who was the reds pitcher hit most home runs?

Joe Nuxhall with 15 career HR.

What MLb active player has the most career home runs against the Detroit Tigers?


Who was the pitcher that gave up the most home runs?

Jamie Moyer gave up 511 home runs in his career, more than any other MLB pitcher.

How many home runs did Warren Spahn hit in his career?

For his career, Warren Spahn holds the National League record for most home runs hit as a pitcher, with 35.

What pitcher has allowed the most World Series home runs?

Catfish Hunter gave up the most career World Series home runs with 9.

What was Babe Ruth known for?

having the third most home runs with 716 of them. he was also a pitcher at the beginning of his career.

What mlb active player has the most career home runs?

Alex Rodriguez has the most home runs for an active player right now. It would have been Ken Griffey Jr., but he retired in June 2010.

Most home runs by a pitcher?

The most home runs by a pitcher is Wes Ferrell, with 38 home runs!

Which players hit 500 home runs and also pitched?

The most obvious answer is Babe Ruth, who began his career as a pitcher and was quite successful. He was later converted to an outfielder and finshed his career with 714 Home Runs.

Most home runs in a career?

Barry Bonds has the most career home runs with 762.

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