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The most capped England international player is Peter Shilton with 125 Caps.

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Q: Most capped England footballer at international level?
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Where was footballer Steven Fletcher born?

Steven Fletcher, who represents Scotland at international level, was born on March 26, 1987 in Shrewsbury, England.

Most decorated footballer in the world?

Iker Casilias - has won everything there is to win at club level and international level

Who is Glenn Hoddle?

Glenn Hoddle (born 27 October 1957) is an English former footballer and manager who played as a midfielder for Tottenham Hotspur, AS Monaco, Chelsea and Swindon Town and at international level for England.

What is Ryan Hall most famous for?

There are 3 famous Ryan Halls in the world. The first is an American born long distance runner most famous for holding the US record for the half marathon. The second is a Leeds United footballer who also represented England in their semi-pro team at international level. The third is a rugby league player who also has represented England at international level.

Who did Peter Shilton play for?

He played for Nottingham Forest at club level and England at international level.

Who is only footballer to score hattrick at premier league championship f a cup league cup and international level?

Robert earnshaw

What do you mean by international sports?

Sports that are played at international level (e.g. France vs England at football/soccer).

Did Rooney ever play for England against Scotland?

Not At Full International Level Yet Anyway

Which player has scored a hatrick in every division both domestic cup finals and at international level in football?

Robert Earnshaw has scored in every division in England, in both cups (but not finals) and at international level.

How high can you level up in RuneScape?

138 in combat and 99 in every other skill with the exception of dungeoneereing with a level capped at level 120.

Did Alan Brazil play cricket for England?

Alan Brazil, capped thirteen times as a football player for Scotland between 1980 and 1983, never played cricket at any level of the professional game.

Who is baker.?

Nathan Baker (born April 23, 1991 in Worcester) is an English footballer who, as of February 2014, plays for Aston Villa. Baker has played professionally for Aston Villa since 2009, and had loan spells with Lincoln City and Millwall. Baker has made youth international appearances for England at U19, U20, and U21 level.

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